Accessorizing Your Bridal Gown: Finding the Right Earrings That Perfectly Match

Wedding planning is all about making a number of decisions, especially for the bride. Once you’re done with the wedding dress shopping and you’ve finally picked your dream gown, it’s time to take on the next step to fully complete your bridal look. Now, your next goal is to find the right bridal jewelry that will complement your dress on your big day.

Even if you’re not fond of wearing earrings every day, they’re still an important part of any bridal look. One, they draw attention to your face, which is an absolute must when you’re posing for those tightly cropped photos. Two, they can be the perfect addition to a simple gown to give it an added interest or completely play up the bold, glamorous appeal of an ornate piece.

When shopping for this must-have wedding accessory, top jewelers in Salt Lake City recommend looking for a pair that not only highlights your personal style but also matches the neckline of your chosen wedding dress. Here’s what you should pick depending on your gown:

Halter Neckline

Halter tops are for brides that want to show off their arms and shoulders. For this look, pick a pair of sophisticated, elegant studs that won’t overshadow the unique shape of this neckline. For that perfect spring vibe, go for a floral stud or choose the classic route and pick up some pearl earrings for that timeless appeal.

Deep V Neckline

This type of neckline is for brides who want that sexy yet elegant vibe, as this look will help elongate their torso. Go for some unique ear crawlers for an elegant sparkle to truly play up this look and keep its sleek and modern appearance. These are the perfect studs to draw attention to your neck and collarbones and emphasize the angular shape of a deep V.

Off-the-Shoulder Neckline 

Also known as the Bardot neckline after the iconic French beauty Brigitte Bardot, an off-the-shoulder neckline allows you to explore a selection of statement earrings. For this elegant style, modern ear jackets are the best way to go.

High Collar

Remember Kate Middleton’s wedding dress? High collar wedding dresses have that regal vibe to them. Look for mini drop earrings that won’t overwhelm the ornate feel of this particular neckline. Pearls and vintage-inspired pieces will also take this look to the next level.

Sweetheart Strapless

This neckline is a favorite among many brides, as it’s the most appropriate neckline to showcase their curves and flatter many body types. For this very feminine look, chandelier earrings are the perfect pair. Make full use of the clean lines and bare shoulders you’ll have with this neckline and don’t be afraid to choose bold colors and shapes.

Straight Strapless

A vertical drop earring is a top choice to add some interest to this horizontal neckline. With this option, you’ll be able to create the illusion of a longer neck.

Illusion Neckline

If you want that soft, ethereal look reminiscent of a delicate, sometimes otherworldly look, illusion necklines are the best ones for you. They’re for brides who enjoy dainty aesthetics with all the laces and beading. Drop earrings with texture will pair up perfectly with this barely there neckline.

Earrings are an excellent finishing touch to any neckline. Choose the most appropriate ones for that perfect bridal look.

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Meta Description: One of the best bridal accessories out there is earrings. Here’s a guide on how to choose the perfect studs depending on your gown’s neckline.


Three Things You Thought You Knew About Harley Davidson That Aren’t True

Any big company is bound to have a few misstatements about it, whether on the internet or from word of mouth, and Harley Davidson, the iconic motorcycle legend, is no exception. This is even truer since the company inspires a high level of devotion from its biggest fans and a bit of grumbling from its detractors. Overall, though, after a few tough years, the company is still going strong, and contributes to the demand for motorcycle aftermarket parts for those who love to customize their machines.

Here are a few common inaccuracies about the biggest motorcycle company in America.

  1. All Harley’s Are Expensive. Just like any other brand, Harley Davidson sells a wide range of motorcycles, with “Custom” and touring bikes (typically the most expensive models) grabbing a big share of its sales. Yet, the company also sells a lot of sportsters and other models that have modest price tags. Just as importantly, discount Harley parts are available for those who love to modify their rides.
  2. Women Don’t Ride Harleys. While it’s true that Caucasian men over 35 have long been the most loyal buyers of the brand, sales for women, African-Americans and Hispanics have been increasing of late. Part of this is because of a conscious effort by the company, which has increased market share with these groups over the past five years. In fact, it sells more motorcycles to these groups than any other company.
  3. The Company Makes Most of Its Money From Accessories. The company does make a ton of money on T-shirts and other accessories, but motorcycle sales still make up the majority of its revenue. The popular brand also contributes greatly to the economy for those who want to replace parts or modify a machine with upgrades such as new tires. The best place to buy motorcycle tires has many options to strengthen a Harley.

Buddy Bench A Modern Day Solution Of Many Problems In Schools

In a present-day report, 49% of youngsters between the fourth and twelfth grade confessed to being bullied sooner or later amid their school vocation. Bullying adds to the already hard childhood years of school and makes it even more intolerable and lonely for children. And, to tackle this whole problem in our schools and playgrounds, the idea of a buddy bench came into existence. Also known as a “friendship bench”, a buddy bench is put at a calculated place in playgrounds and schoolyards to encourage understanding and friendship.

In its looks, a friendship bench does not look much different when compared to an ordinary bench, apart from sometimes being painted in fun and bright colors. Contingent upon the bench, often there is a sign or a plaque assigning that particular seat as a friendship bench.

Amid school hours, if a child feels left out, needs a friend to play with or simply talk to, they sit on the buddy bench. This will then act as a signal to their peers that the kid sitting on the bench needs some company. The other kids will then sit with the lonely child on the bench, or invite the kid to play with them during recess.

While it might appear to be a straightforward idea, in reality, it is changing lives around the country. Do you think a buddy bench could profit the kids at your school? Here are 3 reasons as to why you need to consider getting one of these groundbreaking benches.

It Teaches Empathy

The buddy bench does not exclusively profit the desolate kid. It likewise instructs sympathy to other people, thus profiting the whole school. On the off chance that a youngster sees one of their friends sitting on the bench, they are allowed the chance to act. They help their classmate feel loved and needed and this act of helping a friend in need builds up their empathy. Additional benefits include developing social skills, leadership aptitudes and have a general sense of compassion to the people around them.

Emotional Processing

For a kid, it may very well be incredibly hard to ask for assistance when it’s required the most. Regardless of whether they’re battling with a specific issue or just need comfort in times of dire need, the friendship bench instructs kids that it’s alright to connect when times get unpleasant.

The solid ways of dealing with stress that is educated by the buddy bench are significant. It’s an unpretentious update that there are a lot of beneficial procedures accessible to enable youngsters to manage their issues, regardless of what they may be.

Uniting a School
Another great motivation to introduce a friendship bench is on the grounds that it joins the school in one shared objective — to guarantee that every child has the help they need. Once introduced, the idea of the friendship bench is conveyed to the children. Before long, there is less dispute both inside the classroom and out in the play area.

Are you in need of a high-quality buddy bench? Contact Recreation Today and get a free quote!


Summer Trends to Glam Up at Work

With the summer season upon us, you’re sure dreaming about taking a walk in the colourful flower-spangled park, wearing cute summer dresses and enjoying leisurely strolls. But it’s also true that you have to stay indoors, away from the beautiful weather, and work your day away. Well, if you cannot celebrate the summer, you can at least celebrate its resplendence. Glam up at work with trendy tunic dresses and jumpsuits for women from our curated style guide and be the soul of the summer season yourself!

Floral Prints

Summers remind us of lovely flowers blooming all around us. And just because you have to work, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. Pair a floral printed maxi skirt with a solid white shirt, with cutesy bishop sleeves, for a trendy work outfit. Or make a bold statement in a minimal floral print pant-suit combo – the perfect combination of feminine allure and no-nonsense appeal. A floral print wrap midi dress with booties too is perfect for summers and you may even find yourself reaching for this outfit at other times of the year.

  • Burst Of Colour

Summer is reminiscent of clear skies, blooming flowers, lush greenery and vibrant colours all around. Add a pop of colour to your outfit to brighten the day. Sport bright coloured tunic dresses in shades of red and yellow. Pair a sleeveless tunic dress with a neutral tee inside for the chic element and to balance out the bright colours in our outfit. Go for digital and geometric prints for a playful look. If you prefer minimalistic black, white, grey, and blue work-wear outfits, colour it up with a pair of bright shoes or some colourful accessories.

  • Relaxed Silhouettes

Culottes and wide-leg trousers are currently having a major moment in the fashion world. Up your fashion game and opt for a wide-leg jumpsuit for women. Pair it with a broad belt to add definition to your waist. Thebestthing aboutjumpsuits for women is how versatile they are. You can pair neutral colours like grey, beige or black with a vibrant colour or a z-printed tee underneath for a fun peek-a-boo look. This will add some cheer and lend your outfit a cute summer vibe.

  • Mix and Match

Summer season is all about having fun and what better way to do that than by incorporating a playful element in your outfits. Mix and match your classic grey blazer with a pair of high-waist blush pink pants. If you’re feeling bold, you can adorn a bright red blazer with grey plaid print trousers. If you have a flair for some sartorial drama, opt for a snake or leopard print wide-leg trousers. When you mix and match, there are no limits to the possibilities of looks that you can conjure up.

And there you have it. Beat the Monday blues with a quirky outfit at work that is sure to brighten your day, cheer your mood, and inspire others to follow suit!


What are the different fashion styles for men?

Choosing clothes and picking the best one for you is something that is very difficult or each and every one of us. You have to be careful about what you look like, what is your complexion, how is your body styled and a lot more to understand about it and above all you have to be careful about the fashion trends that are being followed in your locality. Considering all these trends, shopping for the clothes that are comfortable, affordable and are according to your style as well. Finding all these things in one name and under one label is something that becomes difficult if you are not shopping at the BooHooman.

Boohoo man is the place you need to go to if you are looking for the most elegant, stylish, and funky and trendy wear for men in UK. The Boohoo clothing comes with all the variety and style that you need to have and therefore there is nothing to worry about that you can get what you need or not. The boohoo returns and the boohoo designs all are made keeping in mind the need of the hour for the fashion trends for men and teens.

There are a lot of style options that the men can pick from and each and every one of them is based upon the way a man styles himself and the way he wants to look like. So here we will be discussing briefly, about the styles that men and teenagers might want to have and the ways they want to look like.

  • The corporate look

The men who are working in the offices, are bosses of their fields and are looking forward to make a bossy impression use this look. While the others who have to present in the meetings and those who are about to make a statement in front of the executives, all love to take this look which is chic, elegant and makes you look and feel more than ordinary. It typically consists of made-to-measure suits, seven-fold silk ties, and pocket square and some plus shined-to-the-hilt brogues.

  • The hip hop look

So if you want to look cool, fun loving and open to party person, you can pick this look that will definitely make a lot of heads turn in your direction with cool clothing, nothing following any restriction and posing a very casual style to the others.

  • The street artist look

You can also go for the rough and crazy look by choosing the denim in several shades, sneakers in bright and fancy colors, p-caps and high tops to pair the look with the layered parkas.

So whatever the look you wish to have for your day, you can have it by getting on to the Boohoo man outlet and get what you like to have. The experts at the shops can also help you pick the best for you. So waste no time and be the first one to get your hands laid on these clothes.


5 ‘Out of the Box’ Stag Do Ideas For The Under 30s

It is no secret that lately stag parties have fallen victim to monotony. What started off as a Spartan custom has become an American stereotype and there is little doubt as to who should be blamed for this. The finger of blame can be firmly pointed at the Hangover series!

What should the lads wear? Black tuxedos, of course! Where should they go? Las Vegas, of course! What should they drink? Well, that’s a no brainer.

But Stag Do’s don’t all have to follow the same, well-worn pattern.

If you want to script your own original ideas for a Stag Do that everyone will remember and enjoy (and not just because they woke up in a hotel room with a tiger), and you’d like some points for creativity, then let us help you think out of the box.

Extreme Adventure Activities

If you read the stories of people who have faced adversity together, you will find that they develop a stronger bond. Extreme sports might not be exactly negotiating Mount Everest, but it is nevertheless a kind of struggle, which is also a lot of fun at the same time. Doing something tough together doesn’t only assure you a good time that you can all still talk about in years to come, but it will also make your gang more close knit than ever before.

Getting your mates to participate in extreme adventure activities can be a perfect way to create a story which you can wear as a badge of honour. Every adventurous activity that you do together, be it bungee jumping, cliff jumping or paragliding, will give you a story to go back home with of a memorable incident that you can fondly recall later.

If you or any of your friends are not very comfortable with the idea of extreme adventure, you can try activities which are less extreme but just as much fun. These activities might include Land Rover off-road driving, clay pigeon shooting, off-road buggies, archery and other such activities. These activities will give you plenty of opportunity to have banter and a good time together.


The stag do activities we mentioned above demand involvement of two or at most three individuals. But if your group is much bigger and you are looking for an activity in which each of you can participate together, then paintball could be the perfect activity for you.

Stags in fancy dress costume is a pretty common sight but you must admit that a fearless looking gang in camouflage uniforms, each holding a gun in their hands, (albeit paintball guns!) is a sight to behold and would make for a great social media post.

The game of paintball has been traditionally used as a team building exercise as it is an excellent ice breaker. It makes communication effortless and is an activity that can break the ice amongst any group of strangers or friends, no matter how frosty!

Road Trip

What better way to spend time with your gang than to set out on a road trip and have some great fun along the way? Road trips have become more popular recently and you don’t need much analysis to learn why. All you need to do is take your car to the nearest petrol station, get a full tank and a car full of snacks, and you’re off!

You can plan stop-offs and adventures along the way, and you can even mark a few tourist spots on the map if they do not require you to go much out of the way. Make reservations at hotels along the way or carry your own tents if you’re rustic enough!

You can drive in turns so that none of you are too deprived of much needed rest. You need to remember that you also have to wreak havoc when you reach your destination city so you shouldn’t exhaust yourself too much along the way.


Camping offers a great balance between the seclusion you need to party to your heart’s content and a relaxed atmosphere which makes you want to party more. When you are camping or glamping, there is no worry at the back of your mind about returning back to the place where you have booked your accommodation. It not only makes for a memorable experience but also a good tale or two at the end of the weekend.

Whilst camping in itself is an interesting activity, you can combine it with several other outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking or hunting. There are many activity centres which offer the option of camping. An advantage of letting such activity centres host your stag do is that you can do fun activities during the day and unwind/party at night, all in the same location.

Driving Experiences

It is difficult to find a man who doesn’t have a weakness for wheels. If your lads like to drive, why not make driving a big part of your stag party? Most guys would be thrilled at the thought of getting behind the wheel of a sports car, or off-road vehicle and racing against each other. There are many venues which offer Go Karting or dirt buggy experiences. If you have off-road driving enthusiasts in your group, you can even sign up for a Land Rover driving experience.

If you are not a big fan of driving yourself but love to see wheels in motion, you can buy tickets for a competitive racing event and feast your eyes on those supercars, whilst you hold a pint of beer in your hand. The only thing you need to be careful about when including such events in your stag do is that you must book tickets and accommodation beforehand as they attract a huge audience.

The ideal stag do activity is the one which engages your entire group and most importantly the groom-to-be. It is certainly the last party that he will attend as a bachelor and he deserves a farewell, which even years later, brings on the nostalgia of his bachelor days.