Wedding Dress Styles That Will Take His Breath Away

There are wedding dresses, and then there is The Wedding Dress! Designs and styles that are so beautiful and memorable that he’s going to remember that first moment when he saw you and fell in love.

Whether it’s classy, elegant or downright sexy, there are some wedding dress styles out there designed to take his breath away. Let’s take a look at what’s trending and how you can make him go ‘wow’ when you meet up with him before the two of you exchange vows.

1.     Opt for Playful

If you want to look your best in a playful, romantic number, try an elegant backless design with a full layered skirt.

This look is the perfect combination of beautiful and sexy – with the lowered back that meets playful frills at your waist, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. This is a great style for those of you who don’t want to take the big day too seriously – but you still want to look breathtaking.

2.     No Frills

Sometimes less is more – even when it comes to your wedding dress. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the fuss of frills and floral, there is the minimalist look that’s going to accentuate your features.

With a simple dipped collar, this sleek sleeveless look is sure to make him gasp when he first sees you – and because it’s fitting, he’ll be able to hold you even closer for your first dance.

3.     Go Big or Go Home

Sometimes more is more, and there’s no better day to show off what you’ve got on your wedding day. You might as well go all out, and for this style, we’re talking a big mermaid train, a low back and even some diamantes around your waistline to complement the fluorescence in that sparkling diamond engagement ring.

These types of designs are usually custom-made and one-off, so if you’re someone who lives a life of luxury and wants to go above and beyond on your wedding day to take his breath away, try going as big as you can.

4.     Elegant Flapper

Pay homage to a bygone era and remind him how beautiful you would be if you were an old Hollywood movie star. The flapper days were full of sleek fitted dresses and over the top fascinators, the perfect combination to go with a vintage-themed wedding.

If you wish you were born in the roaring twenties and he does too, surprise him with a flapper-inspired wedding dress that’s sure to make his jaw drop.

5.     Modern Inspiration

Perhaps your other half prefers the trends of the time and loves it when you wear something current and on trend. Make him proud with a sleek white number with a high neck and a high slit that is just the right length to impress him.

You’ve been planning the big day with your better half for a long time now, and you can’t wait to see what he thinks of your wedding dress. With this exciting and creative list of wedding dresses, you’re sure to make him fall in love with you all over again.


Fun, Quirky and Unique Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

One of the most special days in the entire year is undoubtedly your better half’s birthday. We are sure that you are extremely grateful for this occasion as on this very day, your lady love came to this world.  And now that day is approaching, you must on the lookout for some fun and thoughtful gifts for her that will not only add joy to this day, but will also help you to convey your feelings for her. Here are some birthday gift ideas that you can consider presenting your girlfriend this year:

A Personalized Pendant

If you wish to present your lady love with something that she can cherish all her life, then you can consider getting a personalized pedant that features her initials. You can also buy her a couple pendant set that showcases half hearts which will turn into a complete heart when joint together. This is a great pick if you are in a long-distance relationship. Since she is your better half, this would signify as to how your life is incomplete without her presence.


Another present that your lady love will be overjoyed to receive is a bunch of tiny planters. If your partner loves to have some greenery in her house, you can consider some indoor plants like bamboo, cactus, and succulents.  If you wish to impress her with some creativity, you can paint the planter with some vibrant colors of quirky portraits. We are sure that these presents will bring a wide smile to her face.

Makeup Cake

If your partner is a makeup enthusiast, a makeup cake will be a perfect present for her on her birthday. We assume that you would already know her preferred products from her favorite brands, so it is better to create a cake that features everything that she adores. This cake will help you admire her love for makeup and will also make this day a lot more special for her. You can also get some cupcakes for her and your guests that will add more flavors to this day.

A Bottle of Wine

A bottle of wine is a classic present. And we are all aware that special occasions can be made a lot more memorable and remarkable with a glass of red wine that tastes divine. Also, presenting such an elegant always help you leave a good impression on the receiver. You can even get a bunch of flowers along with your bottle of wine which will make your gift a lot more special.

These were some fun, quirky, and thoughtful gift ideas that are bound to bring a wide smile on your girlfriend’s face and make her birthday a remarkable one. We hope that your lady love appreciates your efforts you have put in to curate her birthday present and also that each and every gift tickles her fancy so that she can cherish each bit of it.


4 Things Your Online Business Needs To Be Successful

Have you ever thought about starting your own online business, store, or website? Do you have an existing online business and you need help driving traffic to your store or website? Lucky for you, this article is dedicated to entrepreneurs who may need some advice to help raise sales. According to this article this is the best time to start an online business.

Tip# 1. A well done website

The first and most important tip is to develop a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate. Think about that time you visited a webpage with a blurry photograph of a product; or a website that is slow to load. Disorganized, unclear, and uninteresting websites do not generate regular traffic. When you send someone to your business, you want them to seamlessly move from page to page. It has to be as simple as shopping at a store. Even if the visitors to your website does not buy something; they can still generate traffic through “word-of-mouth”. You want people to leave the site informed and knowledgeable about your merchandise or service.

To help accomplish this hire professionals with a proven track record to build your website for you. You can also get your site hosted by reputable organizations that can also find a domain name for your company. In addition, once your website is up and running, test the site periodically and accept customer feedback to optimize your business.

Tip# 2. Know your target audience

Knowing your customers and visitors to your business is very important. According to this YouTuber, you should ask yourself, what is the purpose of the business or the objective goals of your company? Next, you must convince your audience that your product solves that problem. Find products or services similar to your idea and compare what works to what doesn’t.

Tip# 3. SEO Strategies 

SEO or search engine optimization is also a good tool to get your business noticed. When users search certain key words, phrases, or terms your business will “pop up” in the results based on SEO. This can be managed in a way place your company ahead of competitors in search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. This may require linking your site to other businesses or websites.

Tip# 4. Be social and greet your clients

Social media can influence the popularity of any product, person, or service. It lets people know how the product or service is used and who uses it according to Brian T. Edmondson. Today, there are professionals who can create buzz and help companies and individuals market their ideas to large audiences. This can be done via Twitter or Instagram with text and pictures. You can also utilize your public post office; even if you live in Queens, New York. Take advantage of the Astoria post office and mail your patrons thank you cards. You can also use Facebook to build your brand and YouTube to advertise your service or products.

Overall, your business has to be unique to the industry you are in and fill a need. When your business is seen as the solution to a problem, that is when you’re company becomes relevant. While there is no one strategy to build a successful business; however, there are several ways to place your ideas in front of the eyes of millions. This can result in the amount of traffic that can generate a positive flow.


Repurposing & Transforming Diamonds From Dated To Modern

Take a moment right now to think about all of the jewelry you currently have, are there a couple of diamonds that you’re not really wearing. You keep telling yourself you’re just saving it for special occasions, but that special occasion never actually comes. You can’t bring yourself to sell it because it was given to you by a relative no longer with us, so you’re just stuck.

I’ve got some news for you, you don’t have to be!

What if you could breathe some new life into these long forgotten and probably outdated diamond pieces? Let’s explore a couple of ways that you may not have considered on how to repurpose and reimagine an outdated diamond without selling it or destroying it’s original beauty.


This one seems like the obvious choice, because what better way to remember a precious heirloom other than to put it on the only spot on your body where you wear jewelry that you can see. Most stones from earrings, necklaces, or even rings can be taken to a jeweler and redesigned, and reset, and repurposed into a new ring that better suits your aesthetic. The key to a successful repurposing into a ring however is to work with a jeweler that understands what you are looking for, as this will inevitably be a collaboration between the two of you on how best to maintain yet redesign the memories associated with the current piece.


Take that old ring that you never wear and turn it into a completely different category of jewelry. Most diamonds can be removed from their setting in a ring and reset into a pendant for a necklace or really any other category of jewelry. There is nothing stopping you from not just a slight reimagining into a new ring setting, but a complete overhaul on the presentation of the diamond. Even some antique cuts like the Rose, cushion, or old mine cut, can be made into beautiful and modern pendants for necklaces or bracelets.


Although a large diamond is certainly more expensive than a small one, when considering the idea of repurposing jewelry that is not always something you have to maintain. A large diamond can be used to make a few smaller pieces. While it may have been the style many moons ago to place diamonds in large oversized metal cuffs and broaches, a subtler more modern approach might be just the life that this old hand me down needs. Don’t be nervous to split your big diamond into smaller pieces, or even taken some smaller diamonds and repurpose them into one multi-diamond accessory.

Of course, the idea of melting down a ring to make a new one, or cutting up a sizeable diamond to make some earrings seems like a disrespectful thing to do to a family heirloom, but consider this… What is the better way to serve the memory, leaving the treasured heirloom in a locked jewelry box for all of time and never letting the sunshine refracted through those beautiful facets… OR finding a new way to enjoy the same timeless precious stone and continuing the life of a treasured family memory. I think the choice is easy.

We have the technology now to really get creative with our jewelry, in fact, diamonds are grown in labs now and fashioned into some of the most beautiful pieces out there. We can do so much with diamonds now-a-days, so what are you waiting for? Go dig up those memories and let those diamonds see the light of day, they’re dying for it!