What To Look For In A Long Island Wedding Venue In New York

Finding the best location for a wedding event is quite stressful because you should be able to accommodate your guests, cater good food, select a theme and choose activities for the day. Sometimes, you may even have to limit the time, especially when there are other events scheduled in the same place. If it will just be the groom and the bride, working on all the plans and preparations for the said occasion, then a month or two won’t be enough. Lucky are those who have family and friends to help the couple because the load will be reduced.

But those who cannot rely on others because of their busy schedule, too, will really need to hire a wedding planner. Anyway, it’s not just because they are the ones who are available. You should know that they are professionals and you will surely need their expertise, especially when it comes to the Long Island wedding venue selections. It is not that easy to book a reception and the schedule is really tight. But when you know that there are people you are working with, things will go well and smooth.

Now that you have already found a professional to help you sort things, regarding your big event, you should discuss together the things that you need and what you are looking for. Pretty sure that they can give you a variety of Long Island locations. But to make the selection easier, you have to be very specific with the details and descriptions of your preferences. To help you with this, we have here a few features that you may be looking for.


One of the things that you need to check is the capacity of the place. Let’s say that you are expecting about 200 guests in all. Now, make sure that this spot in Long Island will be able to accommodate such number.

Weddings are a very important part of your life, so you just want to make sure that your family, friends and colleagues will be there. Of course, you do not want to disappoint them, that’s why accommodation is a big factor to consider.  

The Food

Sometimes, the food may not be coming from the catering services of the venue. It is also possible that your coordinator may have a different company to contact when it comes to the food that will be served. You will be given a menu to choose what delicacies must be prepared – check for more tips.

Anyway, wherever the food is coming from is not usually the problem. What matters most here is for you to have time to meet the catering service. The planner will set a schedule when to meet the chef and during this time, you are going to taste the food. From here, you will know the quality and discuss what things must be changed or added.


Every location is surely set for a particular theme. Through the help of the organizers, they can set up and decorate the place, according to your preferred theme.

If you would like a setting outdoors, then the space must be enough to accommodate everybody. And then, you should also check the weather to avoid spoiling the day. Most of the couples usually choose a waterfront set up because they find it more romantic and memorable. And then, if you would like it indoors, then the experts will have to decorate it accordingly.


It would be great, if you can find a location that also offers live band performances for entertainment. Do not worry, if they have no performers because your event planner will surely have one for you. By the way, music is also an important factor for this occasion. That’s why you also need to prepare a list of songs that you would like to be played – click this for a sample list of songs.

There are also times, where the newlyweds have to dance. I guess, you would also like to pick a good song for this. Anyway, the organizers will be assisting you. Therefore, this task will be lighter than expected. You may even have the chance to meet the performers because you also need to discuss the songs with them.


How To Look Stunning and Confident in Front of The Camera for Wedding Photography

While brides and grooms give themselves a perfect touch up to look captivating at the wedding day and in front of the camera, the mere thought of spending a couple of hours in front of the camera sends shivers inside their body.

If you have observed meticulously then you will find out, there are some people who look naturally good in front of the camera even though they don’t do any makeover. And there are some people who are naturally beautiful, but when it comes to facing the camera, they lack confidence, and their pictures come complete lacklustre.

For brides and grooms, it is quintessential to look super-confident and stunning in front of the camera on the big day. We agree that not all of us are blessed with supermodel looks, however, we surely can look sumptuous and ravishing in front of the camera by keeping in mind a few simple tips. Apart from these tips, you should hire professional wedding photographers in Lucknow to ensure your wedding photography game will be top of the line on your big day.

Bookmark your favorite tips, and don’t forget to share these handy tips in your social circle.

  1. Develop a Good Understanding With Your Partner

This one is the most significant yet most overlooked pointer by couples when it comes to wedding photography. You can’t look good in front of the camera and produce gorgeous photographs if you don’t have a great bonding with the photographer. Before you commence the wedding photography session, take out some time from your busy schedule, and spend that time with the photographer to develop a great bonding.

In that meantime, you can discuss your notion of exemplary wedding photographs, and the kind of creativity you want to induce in photographs with the photographer.

  1. Don’t Ignore The Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Those couples or individuals who feel shy in front of the camera, a pre-wedding photo shoot is an outstanding opportunity for them to get over from their camera phobia. Having a pre-wedding shoot will serve two purposes. First, you will acquire the confidence to face the camera on the big day. Second, you can add a couple of swoon-worthy wedding photographs in your album. So, never ever miss the pre-wedding photo shoot.

  1. Develop Confidence

Confidence is not an innate trait. It is something that you build slowly and steadily. However, how to develop the confidence to face the camera for wedding photo shoots? The best way to make sure you look pretty confident and comfortable in front of the camera is by keeping your bridal makeup, hairstyle, and the outfit game to the T.

Keeping all the makeover aspects perfect will render your extra confidence and that will definitely shine in your photographs. Numerous experts from around the world have proven that people render their attention only to confident and well-groomed beings. If you want to steal the entire limelight and want to look regaling in wedding photographs, take your makeover game a notch higher.

  1. Work on Posture

Working on your posture when posing for the camera is another outstanding way to look good in your wedding photographs. Most of the couples make trivial mistakes like hunching shoulders, smiling too much, and a couple of other things. All these wrong postures would be amplified in your photographs if you don’t work on them.

Ask your wedding photographer how to improve postures and give the kind of shots that look absolutely amazing and natural.

  1. Follow Celebs

No one can match the poses of celebs and supermodels when it comes to portfolio shoot. You can follow the top-notch celebs and supermodels and steal a few tricks from them to make yourself more camera friendly and confident.

Celebrities spend their prime years in front of the camera and paparazzi. They know how to pose according to the cameras angle and height to get the best click in the very first attempt. Put your scrolling ability to the test and do a painstaking analysis of various celebrities, their posing style, and how they manage to look so confident in front of the camera.

These are the top 5 effective tips that every camera shy bride and the groom must follow religiously to look good in front of the camera. If you have some other tips in your kitty, feel free to share with us!


Bridal Handbags

To have a paramount wedding is a fantasy that each young lady has in her eyes from the minute she comprehends the significance of this severe and unadulterated relationship. She will need everything about the D-day to be impeccable. Satchels structure a fundamental piece of any lady’s marriage trousseau. In this way, with regards to wedding hand bags, it’s anything but an astonishment if the ladies to-be go through hours choosing them. Be that as it may, numerous viewpoints come into the image when picking a marriage satchel from baginning. The most indispensable of these viewpoints is the style, shading, and size of the totes. Give us a chance to examine these individually.


When you have chosen the style of your wedding purse, picking the shading ought to be simple. If you are a lady of the hour, who needs to take no chances, select a wedding tote in white, pearl, ivory, or comparative shades. If you can go overboard, look over the scope of planner wedding totes that match the tone of your wedding outfit. For an exciting look, select energetic hues. You likewise have a decision ever most loved hues like blue or red, they buy and significant supplement any topic. Also, guarantee that the handbag and different adornments don’t generally conflict with your wedding outfit; however, for the most part, supplement each other in changing shades.


The selections of ladies change, as it were, with regards to purchasing a marriage satchel. Certain ladies love design purses brightened with knick-knacks and globules, while others lean toward an unusual a la mode satchel with rhinestones and palettes. There are additionally no ornamentation ladies’ handbags that albeit basic, still look exquisite.

If the marriage wear you have picked is very basic, at that point, add to try to please appearance with some fashionable adornments, a dynamic slick tote, and high heel shoes. A handbag in unobtrusive shades of pink or cream, enhanced with stones and embellishments, is additionally ideal for the event. Or on the other hand, else you can choose an essential designed purse with blooms or some fragile weaving to add tastefulness to your wedding wear.


Last yet not least; let us investigate what the perfect size of a marriage satchel is. Will you utilize the bag just as a frill for your wedding pictures, or will it rest alongside your seat all through the occasion? What precisely is the utilization of the marriage purse? Is it only for show, or you need to keep some convenient a minute ago finish up stuff for crises? By and large, ladies keep some cosmetics embellishments like lipstick, eyeliner, lip sparkle, hand reflects, tissues, pins, and so forth in their purses. These things do prove to be handy eventually or others on the big day. So relying on your prerequisites, the size of your wedding tote may fluctuate from a little palm-size tote to a medium a la mode pack.

The most popular trend patterns do make a difference. However, what is important most is that you ought to be OK with what you pick after each of the totes is at last an impression of your one of a kind character.