Three Things You Thought You Knew About Harley Davidson That Aren’t True

Any big company is bound to have a few misstatements about it, whether on the internet or from word of mouth, and Harley Davidson, the iconic motorcycle legend, is no exception. This is even truer since the company inspires a high level of devotion from its biggest fans and a bit of grumbling from its detractors. Overall, though, after a few tough years, the company is still going strong, and contributes to the demand for motorcycle aftermarket parts for those who love to customize their machines.

Here are a few common inaccuracies about the biggest motorcycle company in America.

  1. All Harley’s Are Expensive. Just like any other brand, Harley Davidson sells a wide range of motorcycles, with “Custom” and touring bikes (typically the most expensive models) grabbing a big share of its sales. Yet, the company also sells a lot of sportsters and other models that have modest price tags. Just as importantly, discount Harley parts are available for those who love to modify their rides.
  2. Women Don’t Ride Harleys. While it’s true that Caucasian men over 35 have long been the most loyal buyers of the brand, sales for women, African-Americans and Hispanics have been increasing of late. Part of this is because of a conscious effort by the company, which has increased market share with these groups over the past five years. In fact, it sells more motorcycles to these groups than any other company.
  3. The Company Makes Most of Its Money From Accessories. The company does make a ton of money on T-shirts and other accessories, but motorcycle sales still make up the majority of its revenue. The popular brand also contributes greatly to the economy for those who want to replace parts or modify a machine with upgrades such as new tires. The best place to buy motorcycle tires has many options to strengthen a Harley.

5 Travel Guidelines for Planning a Stress-Free Vacation

Taking a vacation should be relaxing, and not a continual stream of stressful circumstances. Here’s a planning checklist to insure you leave all of your troubles back at home.

You booked that well-deserved getaway to leave the stresses of daily life, not change them in for other ones. As relaxing as going out of town may be, a few unplanned events can quickly turn your trip into an overwhelming situation. Utilize efficient travel payment tools such as prepaid travel cards and follow these tips to keep your vacation memorable and, most importantly, stress-free.

  1. Create a Collective Goal for your Trip

Traveling with others can become very stressful and tiring at times because everyone has a diverse set of ideas. What if your partner wants to go to the beach, and you wish to walk around and see the town? What if your friends view this trip to be a party weekend, and you have been looking forward to Jacuzzi and watching movies in your hotel bed? When managing your vacation with other people, discuss with your group to make a collective aim for the upcoming trip—are you going for relaxation, adventure, romance, or celebration?

  1. Reduce the Pressure

Ever felt the necessity of making a Friday night so fun that it ended up being the complete opposite? When you have a fixed amount of vacation days to use, on top of a busy work schedule, an upcoming trip can quickly become the only time you look forward to for months. Tons of pressure to make that trip perfect can end up backfiring on you. Just imagine it as a regular Monday night, which just so happens to be the highlight of your month. Usually, the best memories you have on vacation are those that unexpectedly come from an interesting conversation, a delicious meal, and the beautiful people around you.

  1. Make use of a Visa Prepaid Card

Ever presently, prepaid credit cards are becoming the favored method of payment for a customer that plans to travel overseas. This is because of its straight forward and uncomplicated application, whereby you may acquire your card of choice, load it with traveling and spending money, then use it just like any other card throughout your holidays.

The added benefits of using prepaid cards while you are traveling abroad are that they are as safe and secure as conventional cards while being more efficient to conceal and carry than cash. Concerning using credit and debit cards, a prepaid credit card that is misplaced or stolen only holds the possible risk equal to the value loaded onto the card and is not linked to any of your other accounts or credit facilities, reducing the chances of further loss. The distinct difference to using a prepaid card compared to cash is that if your card is lost or stolen, you may effortlessly contact the issuing card provider to block your card and all further transactions. Depending on your merchant, you may be able to acquire a replacement for your card in short order.

  1. Research your destination

It is and always will be a good idea to do as much research as you can about your destination: Consider everything from public transportation, serviced office booking, restaurant options, cab estimates, and visa requirements. The more you know before you leave the better.

The benefits of prepaid cards are ample and put you in full control of all your financial dealings during your vacation, making them the most protected and recommended solution for managing all your daily expenses on your trip.

  1. Travel light

We have all been guilty of over packing. Too much luggage makes the tedious struggles of travel much more challenging. Keep your clothing choices simple and only pack what you require—easier said than done, I know, but there are various things you can leave behind. Dry your hair and leave your blow-dryer at home. Don’t pack the heels you know you will never wear, and pack your comfortable slippers instead. Avoid baggage claim by placing everything you bring into your carry-on. We promise it is better to under-pack and be comfortable than to over pack and be exhausted.


Why You shouldn’t Go Shopping When you are Bored

I learnt an invaluable lesson within life simply yesterday and when saving money is really a priority for you personally It is best to keep reading through because I will spill the actual beans on how to proceed when your own bored and never how to proceed. This could nearly be the most crucial 5 moment read you’ll ever possess. Not which means to seem over spectacular but becoming bored not just sucks, it’s damn costly.

I was in your own home on my personal day away wondering how to proceed when I’d the thought of going in order to my nearby mall and purchasing my beautiful wife a present. I admit which i do not really usually stop on the whim and purchase her presents, maybe monthly, but I’d to get away from home.

Up towards the mall We go and begin perusing the actual shops there after i stumbled upon a beauty store. All ladies like to feel and look great and so i thought a present from here will be perfect. After forty five minutes associated with looking as well as feeling anxious I approached the lady there with regard to ideas. She returned with the actual stock standard type of perfume. Just about all females adore perfume. I’ll be honest right here, I adore all fragrance scents however I selected getting the woman’s some red-colored door fragrance. Something about this made me personally weak in the knees therefore into my personal shopping tote it will go.

A small further upon was the tanning store with solariums etc even though I wouldn’t like the woman’s to reveal herself towards the harmful Ultra violet rays of the solarium Used to do invest in certain lotion to provide her the very best fake suntan. She always should have that bronzed look which means this was a perfect gift on her.

This is actually where this went just about all pear formed. I strolled past motorsports item shop as well as put my personal head inside for the look. I trip a bike and just a little browsing will not hurt. Nicely, $125 later on I go out with the most recent alpinestars mitts. I understand, impulse purchasing at it is best but We haven’t completed yet.

I am a devoted camper as well as thought that some of those groovy chillers on wheels will be great. Another $85 escapes in the wallet as well as I go out with the very best cooler money can purchase. I have to convince my spouse of the actual bargain I simply got.

This is actually the kicker men. I stupidly acquired a item called Twin Action Wrinkle Deep freeze. It had been my perception she uses this type of product as well as after obtaining roped in through the sales woman, I purchase this on her. Have you ever endured to avert a soaring box of the anti getting older cream. Large mistake upon my account.

So, moral from the story is don’t go shopping whenever your bored but more to the point, never, ever purchase your wife any kind of wrinkle cream regardless of how truthful your motives are. I decided that it’s better to examine what We buy prior to actually buying.


How to Make the Ugliest Christmas Sweater

Christmas is a great time for family get-togethers, holiday parties, Santa Clause, and ugly sweaters. If you are wondering whether you read that right, then you’re probably not alone. Yes, Christmas is sometimes known for those ugly sweaters with cheesy themes and decorations. Often these sweaters are the main focus of certain Christmas parties where competitions are judged and fun is had by all. However, if you aren’t sure how to get the best ugly Christmas sweater, you aren’t alone. We have a few tips to help you blow those other ugly Christmas sweaters out of the water and have fun while you’re doing it.

Get a Sweater

Ugly sweaters are everywhere. Seriously, they are everywhere. Before you can start your decorating, though, you need a sweater. In this case, the chunkier the sweater, the better they are for these parties. Other great options for Christmas sweaters are the colors. Picking blacks, whites, golds, silvers, reds, and greens are perfect for these parties. However, if you want to get tacky, you can change up the colors and get browns, pinks, or even blues. Seriously, you can use whatever color schemes you want to make your sweater both tacky and unique. The sky’s the limit here.

Pick a Theme

Before you can start decorating your sweater, you need to pick a theme. This is where the fun begins since you can pick any theme you want to spice up your ugly sweater. You can choose from classic themes like Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees, and more. If you are having trouble picking a great theme to make your sweater stand out as the tackiest, then you can look at these tacky themes to help you get started. If you want, you can even incorporate your favorite characters, favorite TV shows, or favorite movies to your sweater to make it even tackier.


Once you have your theme and your sweater, it’s time to get craft and decorate. This is the most fun part of the entire process since you are free to be as creative or as not creative as you want. Feel free to get tacky, ridiculous, and silly. That is why ugly Christmas sweater parties are so much fun for the holidays. If you want some decorating ideas, you can check out these DIY decorations that you can use on your ugly sweater. You don’t have to limit yourself to just a sweater either. You can decorate your hair, your pants, even your shoes to get as tacky as possible so you can take home that ultimate prize.


When Christmas rolls around, put down your wrapping paper and tinsel and grab a sweater. Yes, a sweater. In fact, you should grab the ugliest sweater you can find, pick up your wrapper paper and tinsel once again, and make it every uglier. If you are attending an ugly Christmas sweater party this year but have no idea what to do, you can use the tips above to get the ugliest, tackiest sweater for your party.


Improve your image by getting it right with your shoes

As the adage goes, you can tell much about a person by the shoes they wear. As the shoes you wear speak volume about you, it is time you added life to the shoes you have on your rack. You can effectively create a new image by just making a few changes not only to the condition of your shoes but also in how you wear them as well.

When it comes to shoes, it pays to start with the basics. This means that you will have all bases covered at the end of the day. The first step to having good shoes, is by ensuring you buy only quality shoes. The shoes should not have frayed shoe laces or loose stitching. Even if your shoes are not highly priced, quality should be one feature you should never compromise.

Use your shoes in the right way

Match the shoes to the right occasion. Ensure you have in your wardrobe at least enough shoes that allow you to cover all occasions. Everyday shoes should be durable and of course suitable for daily use. Matching the shoes to the occasion helps build your image better. It also allows you to use the shoes the right ways.

For example, dress shoes are for more formal occasions and may wear out from frequent use. Without saying, ensure you have sports shoes that will come in handy during workouts or such extreme activities. Ensure the shoelaces you have for your shoes also match the shoes in terms of color. For formal shoes, the no tie laces should blend well and not stand out because of wrong color choice.

Take good care of your shoes

Taking care of your shoes will see them last longer. Shoe care entails keeping shoes clean at all times. Remove mud and other dirt before storing your shoes. In addition, ensure you polish leather shoes as this helps to protect them better. In addition, you should ensure to alternate the shoes you wear. Have an extra pair or two for shoes that you wear most times.

Good shoe care should allow you to get best service from your shoes. They will always look their best, as you will reduce incidences of cracked leather or unevenly worn out soles. The other part of the shoes you should never overlook are the shoe laces. You can have good quality shoes that look shoddy because of ragged laces.

Match your shoes to overall wardrobe

The shoes that do not match with the outfits you wear will not help with the image you are going for.  Shoes should effectively bring out the outfit you are wearing best. they should contribute to the overall look you are going for. You can have beautiful shoes but if they do not suit the outfit you are wearing, you will not look smart.

For a well put together look, ensure you have it right when it comes to color and style. For a good look always, stick to fashionable items that do not run out of style. The shoelaces you choose for your shoes should also match with the overall look of the outfit.