What Is the Ideal Lanyard Design to Suit Your Requirements?

Lanyards come in several types and designs. To get maximum benefit from them, it is important to learn about its different types to make the right buying decision. Without proper knowledge about lanyards, it can be a challenge to find an ideal design for your requirements. In this article, you will find useful information to find the ideal lanyard design.

Choose the Right Material and Style

The first important thing to consider when selecting a lanyard is its style. Choose the style that isn’t just effective, but also comfortable for anybody who wears it. Available in a variety of material, lanyards made of nylon, cotton, polyester twill, cord varieties are found to be most suited. You can also get them in the round braid, or flat braid styles.

Custom Earth Promos is a leading eco-friendly company in Florida that provides a wide range of products that are made from reusable materials. Customizable lanyards are one of them. At this store, you will find them in an extensive range of designs, and styles to choose from.

Artwork, and Printing Options

The next very important factor to consider is its printing and artwork. The printing should be of high quality that patients can clearly read the employee details mentioned on it and find out the staff to which they belong.

Take time to evaluate the design, text, and graphics of the lanyard. Make sure that you select the right colors to suit any logos or graphics on the design.

Hot stamping is ideal for small quantities and simpler logos. Other printing options include screen printing, woven fabric print, and dye sublimation. Each of these printing methods comes with their own advantages, and side effects based on the quantity, and quality requirements of the client.

Safety Considerations

Safety is another important criterion to consider when choosing the right lanyard for your use. Depending on the requirements, and when and where you are going to use it, you need to consider safety as an important factor before selecting it.

Look at the ease with which a staff member can take it off. This will greatly help in reducing the risks associated with it to get caught on equipment or any other hazardous materials.

If you are requiring lanyards for use in areas that requires heightened safety like the hospital, then go for multi safety lanyards. These lanyards can be conveniently removed as well as broken in dangerous situations.

Kinds of Attachment

The last important consideration for the lanyard design is the kind of its attachment. Consider the way in which you will be wearing it, and attachment capabilities before you choose one. It should offer comfort to the wearer. Some of the commonly available types of attachments are swivel hooks, cell phone hooks, badge reels, badge clips, etc.


Though it may look quite challenging to find the ideal lanyard design, the above considerations will help you select the best one that matches your requirement perfectly.

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