3 Ways to Make Good Money Selling Sunglasses

Being an independent business owner is a dream come true for millions of people. In these troubled times, owning a business might be preferable to relying on an employer you are not so sure will have work for you in the future. If you’re looking to make a career change, consider selling sunglasses.

Sunglasses are one of those products that offers universal and enduring appeal. Human beings have been wearing them for centuries, so there is no reason to believe we will stop anytime soon. Even better, consumers keep buying sunglasses year after year. It is a wide-open market just waiting to be tapped.

Are you intrigued? If so, here are three ways to make good money selling sunglasses:

1. Operate a Retail Business

The first thing that probably comes to mind is operating a retail business. We tend to think retail whenever someone mentions selling. The nice thing about sunglasses is that they offer plenty of retail opportunities. You just have to find a retail model that works for you.

As a retailer, you will buy wholesale sunglasses from third-party suppliers. Salt Lake City’s Olympic Eyewear is just one example. They design and sell dozens of brands of designer-like sunglasses at wholesale prices. You buy from them, mark up the products for retail, and sell them in whatever way you see fit.

Some retailers open brick-and-mortar stores. Others sell online. Still others combine both along with selling at local festivals, flea markets, and the like. The opportunities for selling are limited only by your imagination.

2. Start a White Label Line

Your second option is to start a white label line. White label products give entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their own brands without requiring them to be manufacturers. In terms of sunglasses, you would purchase from suppliers offering white label products.

The white label concept comes from the idea of receiving a white label with no printing. You print the labels yourself, including your branding and message. You don’t do this with sunglasses literally, but establishing a white label line does the same thing. You pay a manufacturer to supply you with sunglasses that are branded with your name and logo.

You can sell your white label line in the same way you would if you were a strict retailer. You can sell your line exclusively or combine it with other products that you purchase from separate suppliers.

3. Do Everything Yourself

As an adventurous entrepreneur, you can do everything yourself. You can design your own eyewear, manufacture it yourself, and then distribute it through wholesale and retail channels. Just understand that this kind of undertaking requires a lot more effort.

Design might be the easiest aspect in terms of physical effort and financial investment. Turning your designs into actual products requires a significant investment in manufacturing.

You are going to need equipment to produce the frames and lenses. Or maybe you will just make the frames but purchase the lenses from a supplier. Either way, you’ll need an injection molding machine, a die cutter, or some other means of producing frame parts. You will also need raw materials.

Assembly follows manufacturing. Whether you choose to assemble each pair yourself or hire workers to do it for you, assembly will add to your overall production costs. And do not forget marketing. The thing about marketing is that you have to invest in it regardless of how you set up your business.

There is good money to be made in sunglasses. If you have been looking to start your own business, you now have three ideas to think about.

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