A Guide to Blending Hair Extensions With Short Hair

When you have short hair, you may be tempted to switch your look for a longer do. Whether you want to look elegant for a fancy party or just want to update your appearance, longer hair may get the job done.

When time does not allow you to grow your lush locks, you may consider adding hair extensions to your look. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to incorporate them into a shorter style.

To achieve the most natural results, you may be interested in learning a few blending tips. It does not take much effort to transform your short hair into a different style that gives you more confidence and allows you to have fun.

Choose the Right Length

Extensions are available in a wide array of lengths. When you select a length, it is important to pay attention to your existing appearance. If you have short hair, it is not wise to select extensions that are too long.

When the extensions are more than a foot in length, they become challenging to blend naturally, especially into a short cut. Adding approximately one foot to your look will offer something new to your existing style. Many times, a person may be tempted to make a drastic change.

However, this will not bring optimum results that blend seamlessly with your existing locks.

Select the Best Thickness

Although most people are concerned with the length and colour of their hair extensions, it is crucial to pay attention to the thickness of the hair as well. For clip in hair extensions, it comes 100g, 120g, 130g, 160g, 200g, 220g , etc.

Everyone has a unique hair volume. If you are a person with lush and thick locks, you should use extensions that match. Likewise, a person with thin hair should opt for more delicate extensions that will achieve the best results. When you use extensions crafted from natural hair, it will be easy to match the correct texture.

Choosing the right thickness will ensure the perfect transition, especially along the bridge where your natural hair ends, and the extensions begin.

Style at the Correct Time

One of the best ways to make sure that your extensions blend with your short hair is to style everything at the right time. You may try to fix your hair before applying the extensions.

However, it is smarter to clip them into place first. You should treat your extensions as if they are part of your real hair. This will lower your styling time and allow you to see exactly where to blend everything together.

Also, as you use your styling tools, including your curling iron, your natural hair will assimilate with the extensions even better. Top stylists; EH Hair & Extensions Salon Brisbane recommend creating the look of waves when trying to achieve a natural look. It will keep the style flowing without appearing fake.

Select the Best Extension Type

A smart way to blend hair extensions with short locks is through layering. Even though you are using the extensions to add length, cutting layers into your set will make your look appear as natural as possible.

Often, when a woman just adds long extensions to short hair, it seems obvious and fake. It is much better to layer and trim your extensions so that they blend better. From the back, everything will appear perfect. It will also create a beautiful tiered look that frames your face.

Since you may be a bit scared to cut your set into the proper layered style, a professional stylist may be able to help. Using extensions that are made from natural hair will make it simple to style as well.

Get Creative and Start Slow

Many times, a woman may be intimidated to go from short to long hair in a small amount of time. It may be a better idea to start slow and to break in a longer style with a bit of creativity. For example, instead of wearing your hair completely down, try blending short hair with a longer ponytail extension.

This will provide a glamorous look for a night out. It can also create a sportier feel that is ideal when you are running errands or performing everyday activities. This is especially a good idea if your existing hair is long enough to create a small bun or low ponytail.

When you have been yearning to change your short hairstyle into something longer, hair extensions are a smart choice. Clip-in options are easy to apply and can transform your appearance in little time. Using items made from natural hair will bring optimum results as well.

By following the above tips, you will be able to gain a style that looks natural and draws many positive comments from everyone you meet.

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