Do you know how to buy your clothes?

Today I am going to start my note with several questions. Do you have any idea how to buy your clothes? Do you find what you really need? Do you know when and where it is better to buy clothes and accessories? Do you trust yourself or the seller? Keep reading and you will have some answers from Abel Prasad.

Many women have no idea how to dress in fashion, and this is due to the fear they feel to try new trends when shopping. It must be recognized that buying clothes for oneself is not an easy task, it is usually an overwhelming experience, often demoralizing, and not necessarily fun. This is why I always advise people who go shopping, take someone to guide them or advise them.

Among the most common mistakes and bad habits when buying are:

  • Excessive spending of credit cards and then return in a week 90% of your purchase.
  • Use the items only once and then give them away or throw them away.
  • Finally, they end up staying with the same old look, using the same models, brands and colors. Despite the amount of options around them, they would probably be more flattering or appropriate for them. This evidently shows fear and refusal to receive help, because they assume that friends or sellers may mock or be prejudiced by their appearance.

Tips for having a successful purchase

  1. Visit your favorite store frequently:when you meet the sellers you will receive a more honest opinion when trying on the clothes, they will warn you of new offers and the arrival of new merchandise.
  2. Go directly to the offers on display:there you will find the offers of the day or season.
  3. Start at the back of the store:that’s where the offers are usually located.
  4. Do not buy something unless you love it:and find a purpose for the purchase.
  5. Spend on your hair, shoes and purses:believe me you will call more attention, than jeans of a recognized designer.
  6. Buy fashionable and economical accessories: you willalways find them in inexpensive stores and they will have the same effect and impact as if you bought them at Nordstrom.
  7. Never go shopping on an empty stomach:you will have more patience … you know belly full of happy heart!
  8. Wear proper underwear.
  9. If you are not positive, leave the purchase for another day:return after a coffee, a tour of the mall, or just the next day, the important thing is that you do not get frustrated.
  10. Be honest:with you, with the saleswoman, with your companion and with the wallet.

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