Get Wedding Plans Together In A Flurry Of Excitement

So your fiancé has finally proposed to you and you are getting wedding plans together in a flurry of excitement. Undeniably, one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning is deciding exactly how you want the wedding cake to be. In addition, the cake itself is one of the best parts of the wedding reception – who doesn’t love enjoying multiple slices of light, fluffy, succulent cake? You are probably in a hurry to get down to the bakery and start sampling cakes, but in order to save time and prevent stress, it is important to know exactly what you want before showing up to buy.

If you are ordering your wedding cake around the same time that you are deciding on the style you want the reception to be and what theme you want for the wedding, you are making a smart move. Too many couples wait until the final weeks before their wedding to order their cake, only to find that either the baker is booked or the cake, when delivered, isn’t how they wanted it.

For inspiration on the perfect cake for your wedding, consider looking in bridal magazines, online and in books. Take the time now to determine what look and flavor you want to make your choice a little easier. Do you plan on a traditional look, the crystal white offset by pink frosting? Or do you want strawberry running through the center to create a unique visual and taste experience? Pictures and ideas you encounter in the course of your research will help you to design a cake that will make a bold statement at the wedding.

If you are planning to have a formal wedding, you should probably go with the traditional structured, multi-tiered cake. It doesn’t have to be round; you could get a square or even hexagonal cake.

Adding details from your accessories or dress can add a fun and enchanting touch. Having the ribbons and bows on your wedding dress or the pearls on your necklace and bracelets re-created as a trimming for the tiers of the cake adds a unique sense of unity to the wedding reception. If you are having a less formal wedding, such as one of the destination weddings Atlantic City NJ often has on the beach, you could adorn the cake with seashells.

After you have designed the perfect cake, ensure that the contract between you and the baker is very specific so you can’t be swindled.

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