Hottest Trending Looks For Shoulder Length Hair For Ladies Of All Ages

Ready to cut your long hair and are thinking about a shoulder-length cut? Medium length hair is the perfect choice for those who want to trim their tresses a bit without going super short.

Another plus with shoulder length hair is that you can still pull it back in a shooter upshoulder-length. As well, you can add color and layers to your mid-length cut to add more texture and depth. Here are some other reasons you should consider shoulder-length hairstyles:

  1. Shoulder length styles are better for hot summer days.
  2. You won’t have to wash your hair as often.
  3. It will dry quicker.
  4. Mid length cuts are very trendy right now, especially with the hottest celebrities.
  5. A shoulder-length cut is a great way to help boost regrowth and get rid of dead ends.
  6. No dead ends mean fewer tangles.
  7. Shoulder length cuts look super cute with hats and headscarves.
  8. Medium length hairstyles can help add volume to thin hair and help add bounce back to thicker hair.
  9. You will have plenty of styling options as shoulder-length cuts are great for half updo styles.
  10. You can experiment with color options such as balayage and ombre ones for a bold new-look.

See what we mean? Medium length cuts are the best if you want to go just a bit shorter! Still, on the fence? Check out these trendy looks for shoulder length hair!

  Popular Styles for Shoulder Length Hair

  1. Sleek and Straight Shoulder Length Bob

For those with straight hair who want to opt for a shorter style without going dramatically shorter, this shoulder length bob is the perfect compromise. You will have plenty of length to pull your sides back into a braided updo or half updo. As well, the blonde and brown balayage hues give this sleek cut a ton of texture.

To style, apply a straightening serum and blow dry straight with a round brush. THen apply a shine serum and follow up with a flat iron for a straight polished finish.

  1. Wavy A-Line Pink and Purple Bob with Trendy Top Knot

For those with curly locks or wavy tresses, this choppy A-line bob is a really cute style. And if you want a fun pop of color, try this lavender and cotton candy pink ombre fade. The colors are soft and not too over the top if you want a look that’s feminine and chic. The shorter back layers that slowly fades into long wavy locks as it frames your face is soft and romantic.

To style, apply a curling product and either dry with a diffuser on low setting or allow to air dry. Then tousle it gently with your fingers for sexy, beachy waves. Next, make a cute top knot on at the back of your head using the sides of your hair for a look that’s hip and girly!

Think you are ready to sport one of these adorable and stylish styles for shoulder length hair? Give your hair a much-needed upgrade with one of these hip new looks!


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