Most Loved Lip Colour Range by Milani and Maybelline Pakistan

All-time Favourite Glosses by Milani Pakistan:

Milani is considered beauty bay because of a wide range of cosmetic collection and each with tons of shades and tones. Milani produces brilliant shades of lip gloss with vibrant colours. Every colour on lips brings out a unique version of your looks as you stand tall with confidence.

Milani Pakistan has a range of luminous to matte lipgloss and its perfect time to try them out.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme:

Its time to give your lipstick a short break because we have amore matte lip creme now. It’s a soft velvety texture designed to give smooth coverage and fuller-looking lips. It’s long-lasting (upto16 hours) and dries out quickly for a perfect matte look. Amore matte has a creamy texture but also transfer-resistant kiss-me-matte. Available in 24 captivating shades across Milani Pakistan stores.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme Emotion:

Its time to put your personality on notice with Milani lip creme emotion gloss range. The texture is so velvety, rich in colour and luscious that energizes your look a second after putting it on. Moreover, it won’t wipe away while eating or kissing. Simply purchase it from our store Give it a try, and thank us later

Sensational Lipsticks Range by Maybelline Pakistan:

Cosmetics trends come and go, but lipsticks’ craze would never go, especially when we have Maybelline lipsticks. These lipsticks are made with cutting-edge technologies and colour accuracy that every woman falls in love with these colours.

Maybelline Red Carpet Colour Show:

The lipstick texture is hydrating creamy that glides smoothly across the lips without dragging. Looking for a bold, rich colour? Maybelline Colour show is here for you. Unlike many creamy lipsticks, it doesn’t feel greasy or caky on lips. The formula is light with a sweet, mild smell. However, its colour slightly gravitates towards pink but applying two coats comes so enchanting. Having one on table purchased from Maybelline Pakistan would be an excellent choice for a glam look.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Creamy Matte LIpstick:

Looking for bold, statement colour then sensational matte meets the surge of creamy texture. Although creamy matte covers a range of colours and shades and all of them are equally cherishing, but nude shades are worth noticing. So make most out of your moments with sensational colours by ordering from most convenient Maybelline Pakistani stores.

Monochromatic colours and one specific texture is boring and wouldn’t make you feel different. Try versatility and purchase most wanted lip gloss and lipsticks from at very low prices.

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