Omega Seamaster

I always liked the Omega Seamaster and ever since it started being sold I really wanted one because it looks so amazing. Of course, I never had the money to buy an original one so I decided to buy a good replica of it. I surfed the web for information and found this replica watches review site.

I was very happy with my purchase as everything went pretty smoothly until they needed to ship the package, and from there everything went pretty bad. It was a very long process and the package came after 8 weeks although it was stated a lot less on the website. However, even if I waited for a very long time for this watch, that was definitely not the main problem.

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What upset me was the fact that my watch came broken and it was not just a bit broken, it was really bad and unbearable. That wasn’t my problem and even if it was the shipping company’s problem it should have been packaged better. I sent an email and all I got was silence so I continued sending emails until finally somebody answered and told me that the period allowed for me to send back the item was long over and it wasn’t their problem anymore.

That angered me even more, especially since they apparently didn’t answer to my emails so that they could tell me that. I emailed again and again until and even threatened them until they decided to give back my money and take their broken watch back. It was a lot of wasted time and I didn’t expect to be treated this way by a company that works every day with a lot of clients. I was annoyed with their attitude and they would have received a good review even if the watch was broken if the money back process would have been prompt.

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