Pig Skin: Adding Style and Durability to High Heel Shoes

Pig skin leather material stretches far beyond the football field. When it comes to fashion, pig skin is now being utilized as a great material to design shoes that add fun, unique flare to the common high heel shoe. Usually used to produce footballs because of its durability, creating high heel shoes from pig skin also holds true to the durability of your shoe life. Pig skin high heel shoes also offer wearers comfortably with its extensive flexibility properties. 

Additionally, heel high shoes composed of pig skin material is often chrome tanned, meaning the leather is processed with an agent containing 33% chromium sulfate and 26% chromium oxide. These chromium salts are blue in nature and are referred to as wet blue during the leather process. This combination of chemicals creates a leather product that weighs less and is more soft and supple to the touch. Who would not want to slip their foot into a high heeled shoe that can conform to the body, as well as give them an airy feeling when walking, such as selection from Charis & Doxa Football Heels and other providers. 

Pig skin that is chrome tanned also comes in a variety of colors, meaning consumers can choose what suits them best. The color on pig skin materials remains intact for a long duration of time and is not prone to patina, which is turning green or brown from the oxidation over a long period of time. Do not worry about changing your shoes due to inclement weather like snow, rain, or heat. Pig skin high heel shoes have a nice resistance to water, heat, and staining. Also expect sturdiness when choosing pig skin shoes as a wardrobe addition. Chrome tanned fibers are thick in nature with no show through visibility, as well as offers manufacturers time savings and convenience during the operation stage. 

Chrome tanned pig skin is also cheaper than vegetable tanning, another procedure used to from animal skin into leather. Consumers purchasing high heeled shoes may experience the cost savings as well, which can be passed down from manufacturer to carrier. Due to these qualities and so much more, pig skin, especially chrome tan, gives consumers a beautiful quality high heel shoes product, which is why this type of material popular for usage to create handbag, shoes, and other items. To ensure consumers get to enjoy the quality pig skinned high heel shoes has to offer for many years to come, it is recommended that consumers make sure the shoes are cleaned in a brisk motion with a soft bristle brush, avoiding over saturation of areas when removing dirt. Pig skinned shoes should then be allowed to air dry, followed by the application of oil then a wax product. A generous amount of each product can be added to a soft cloth, applying the oil and wax in a circular motion on the leather. Once the oil and wax dry, rub access product off with a cloth, revealing a beautiful shine.

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