Summer is coming: are you ready? 

At this time of year, dressing up is a real problem. The morning is cold, the afternoon is hot, and cold again in the evening. What a stress! But don’t despair, summer is coming! Summer is the season where we can have fun with matching clothes, with bright colours, dizzying neckline. What is the fashion trend for this summer? Let’s find out together the most important novelties.

First of all, let’s see colours. Yellow is worn from head to toe: it is recommended for women with dark hair or for women with olive skin complexion. Multicoloured striped dresses: striped clothes are always fashionable and this year they are very colourful. Vertical stripes are suitable for all types of women, horizontal ones for lean women. At last, white is the evergreen color of summer.

Jewelry will be extravagant: long earrings, particular necklaces, all in fashion this year is eccentric and very colorful.

As for the tissues, denim and leather return in vogue, which will be protagonists throughout the season.

80’s. This year, we will wear the high-waisted trousers again, as in the 80’s and 90’s; the 80s fashion also inspires the big shoulder pads, and platform shoes, taller than the last year. Processed fabrics, rich and brilliant (such as brocade) embellished skirts, tops and dresses; moreover, transparency is in the foreground, with suits and dresses in tulle. This summer we wear, in addition to the classic sandals and platform shoes, boots, all embellished with rhinestones and paillettes: rhinestones of all colors, to give life to everyday clothing.

All of these novelties are presented in a harmonious way by Tessa, a fashion brand that is very careful to the trends of the moment and to the wearability of clothes.  The new collection of Tessa is the result of the combination of high fashion and simplicity: the authenticity of “made in Italy” is evident in the high quality of fabrics used and in models, that are all unique and very elegant. Skirts, tops, long and short dresses designed by talented designers, to offer you the best of fashion.

Tessa designs and manufactures its clothes completely in Italy, with raw materials selected among the best available on the market. Tessa clothing: all you need for a young, sophisticated style.

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