What’s the Connection Between Diamonds and Engagement Rings?

The wonderful moment for any two people is when they decide to spend their life with each other for a happier ending. It’s a time that’s filled with happiness, excitement, and also you would be thinking about the future. There’s no doubt about your future, your journey of life would be beautiful just like walking on the red carpet with your favorite person standing with you in each and every step of your life.

Each second you spend with your loved is special and auspicious, and sometimes you just wish to rewind those days back. It’s a sad reality that you can’t go back to recreate the memories to make it more interesting, but certain stuff can bring back your memories and it could be kept as a symbol of love for the rest of your lives.

History behind the engagement rings

The most interesting things that add excitement is diamonds and engagement, and you be wondering why buy an engagement ring at Whiteflash. It’s simple; let’s just go back to the history how the diamonds and engagement ring is connected. Many anthropologists say that it’s a tradition originated from the Roman norm where wives wore rings, which indicates their husband ownership.

When a man presents his future bride with an engagement ring it’s considered as a marriage proposal. Austria’s Archduke Maximillian ordered the first diamond engagement ring in the year 1477, on record for his promised, Mary of Burgundy. This initiated the trend for diamond rings between European nobility and aristocracy.

The lavish engagement ring designs were available in various mixed diamonds with gemstones, precious metals, and enamels. These rings were created in flower shapes and dubbed as “poesy rings.” The diamond rings were crafted during the Edwardian age that continued to the traditional pairing of jewels with diamonds and generally mounted in the filigree settings.

Birth of slogan

De Beers launched a classic slogan in the year 1947; “diamond is forever” that campaign encouraged more sales. The diamond durability conveyed the meaning purity and sparkle of man’s forever commitment to his woman. Diamonds signifies the cherished memory celebration which undergoes through many cuts to form a stylized jewelry.

History of diamond cuts

The popular diamond cut is prescribed for engagement rings, which is round brilliant consists of 58 surfaces divides the stone into halves of top and bottom. Other include in the emerald cut, princess cut, and oval cut that comes with cushion cut to gain popularity has become a recent trend.

Understand the value of diamond before you buy

Make sure you ask expert advice to educate yourself with the 4C before you stick for the perfect choice. Purchase of diamonds entirely depends on the 4C, which stands for Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight.

The best place to get the diamonds

You might be wondering about diamond’s clarity and color which is apt for engagement ceremony, in such instance, you can the privilege to visit Whiteflash. It could be time-consuming while choosing the diamond and perfect design for your engagement rings.

They provide the best diamond jewellery collection that features the clarity grades and highest color at affordable prices and this is the reason why buy an engagement ring at white flash.

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