When you are plus size and you are invited to a formal cocktail reception 

Picture this scenario:  you are an attractive woman with a well endowed and buxom body. You get invited to the cocktail party of a lifetime and you really want to attend because doing so would greatly enhance your chances of being promoted in your company. You know that you have to dress professionally and elegantly for this event. After spending hours researching the Internet, you are near tears because you don’t find many online or physical stores where you can buy plus size evening wear at affordable prices. However, one store catches its your attention because of the high quality and variety which they offer in formal wear, and all at prices you can afford! Curious, you decide to explore their website for more information!

Why Swish Fashion?

Careful analysis of the evening and formal wear available on their website leaves you greatly impressed. This is because Swish Fashion offers the latest in trendy designs and fashion in terms of clothing. What’s more, is that most of this evening wear is under $300! You breathe a sigh of relief because the price ranges of the clothes is on par with what you would expect, and can afford! A close and careful look at the images of the outfits reveals that their fashion and design are the same ones which were recently paraded by the world’s best models on the major runways in Milan, Italy! This definitely excites you because you are a true fashionista and clothes horse!

More about Swish Fashion and its formal evening wear line!

You notice that many of the formal outfits for the evening come with sheer pull-over tops which can easily be worn over shirts. This intrigues you because you believe that this type of design simply enhances the curvature and natural beauty inherent in plus size women! This fact definitely appeals to you because you need to look feminine, beautiful, and professionally dressed in order to impress your superiors and convince them that you are the one to be considered for pay raises and promotions!

Because you are always curious to know more about the philosophy and mission statement of any company which you do business with – you want to make sure that you agree with their value system, mission, and objectives before you buy anything from them, you go to the ‘About US’ hyperlink. You learn the following:

  • The boutique store was founded in 2001 to give plus-size women more variety in their clothing
  • Swish Fashion enforces strict quality controls in terms of its manufacture of clothing
  • This means that only the most talented and experienced seamstresses and tailors are hired for the job.
  • Additionally, only the finest quality material is used for the clothing, along with the best and most durable stitching work.
  • The end result is clothing which is very comfortable, smart fitting on the body, and professional. All this at a price which women can afford.

So you decide to…

Impressed by what you see on the site, you decide to do some online shopping by exploring the different options in clothing and styles which are available on Swish Fashion’s website!

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