X Ways to Compliment a Women When Chatting on Live Video

How Do Women like to be complimented?

Sometimes it can be daunting to compliment a woman, especially on live video chat. When you first see her, you may get a little nervous and potentially blurt out something you shouldn’t have. Following this guide may get you a few extra points for an awesome compliment.

Compliment her Physical Traits Tastefully

If you’ve already gotten quite flirty, she may be open to suggestive compliments, but it’s important to asses where you are together before complimenting. Woman typically prefer when men compliment a part of their body or face that isn’t suggestive. Examples of this could be complimenting her smile, hair, or eyes.

Take Notice of Her Effort

Women adore men that notice the effort she put into herself for the day. One of the first things you should say to her when starting a live chat is pointing out something she could have done that day. This includes her makeup or clothing choice. “That lipstick suits you” or “That color looks great on you” are examples, but women prefer that you pick out something specific, so be sure to throw in details particular to that day.

Beauty Can Also be Internal

Of course women love to hear when they are physically beautiful, but oftentimes she is beautiful within as well and wishes for men to take notice. Complimenting her personality will go a long way and feel very personal to her. Anyone can notice beauty on live video chat, but it takes effort on your part to notice her internal features as well. Some examples of this could be complimenting her sense of humor, her confidence, or kindness. Giving her appreciation in some way can also earn you bonus points. If you need help thinking of specific deep compliments, this article has provided a few that will make a woman feel cherished.

Remind Her of Her Achievements

Although women generally feel empowered nowadays, sometimes her achievements can go unnoticed. Taking the time to learn of any skills she has will mean a lot to her, even if she isn’t into professionalism. Complimenting her drive, leadership, or just being good at whatever she does is a great way to prove that you see her strength, which can mean a lot to her.

Be Sure to Look Around Her

If you’re unsure of her direct taste, you can look around the space behind her to give you an idea. When engaging in a live chat, you should be able to see the area she is in even just a little. If you can make out what is behind her, complimenting her living space can go a long way. If a woman keeps her place clean, or you show that you like how she’s decorated, this is a way of telling her that you like her taste and will feel sincere.

Final Thoughts

Although it can be a bit nerve wracking complimenting a woman, in fear that she may take something the wrong way and end the chat, there is a method to the madness. Hopefully, by following this guide, you can score big points with a woman on live video chat by showing your own effort in your compliments.

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