Buying A CBD Product for The First Time? – How to Research for Its Originality

The U.S.A Farm Bill of 2018 has although legalized the cultivation and extraction of industrial hemp, but still there is no strict federal law to ensure the originality of Cannabidiol (CBD). As a matter of fact, CBD is found in both cannabis (marijuana) and industrial hemp. However, the CBD extracted from industrial hemp is in pure form and has a variety of medicinal properties.

As per the Farm Bill 2018 guidelines, industrial hemp must be cultivated in U.S.A. only. The CBD extract from it under the vigilance of U.S. Department of Agriculture is considered as legal to use. The industrial hemp is also a good agent for removing soil pollutant and toxic material. So, to maintain the quality and medicinal properties of CBD, U.S. has banned the import of CBD.

Before you go for a CBD product, here are few tips to verify the originality and purity of your product

The extraction process and source of CBD plays an important role

It is very vital information to find out whether the manufacture has extracted CBD from marijuana or hemp. Only the CBD extracted from hemp has medicinal and curative properties, and it has only legal limit of 0.30% THC.

You should also ask the CBD Store for lab test results of a third party, generally termed as Certificate of Analysis. You can check level and contents of their CBD product along with the percentage of CBD present in it. Just CBD Store provides you with all the lab tests batchwise through online itself. They provide a variety of high-quality CBD products, which are being sold through offline and online retail stores.

They have CBD products in the form of gummies, vape oil, oil tinctures, edibles, soaps, CBD for pets, creams, capsules and pills as per your requirement. Their products and the raw materials are strictly lab tested for a premium quality CBD product. This helps them to maintain the legal limit of 0.30% THC in their products.

Commonly, CBD can be extracted by agents like using olive oil, a solvent or carbon dioxide (CO2). Usually, the olive oil and a solvent extraction process spoils the purity of CBD. These processes can make CBD toxic and bitter in taste as they are not 100% filtered out of CBD oil solution. Nevertheless, these processes are popular, quickest and cheapest. However, the purest form of CBD can be extracted only by using CO2 extraction method.

What are your CBD product contents? Is your supplier concerned for your health?

The extracted CBD contains other cannabinoids compound and THC. Before bringing CBD product into market, the THC level should be maintained at 0.30%. CBD can be categorized in full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate form, depending upon the contents of other cannabinoids.

You should check for additives content of your CBD product like artificial flavors. These additives make your CBD product unhealthy to consume. Your supplier should be available for your queries, doubts and support. You should check the product label to verify the manufacturing date, batch number, actual contents, additives, dosage and supplier’s license for manufacturing CBD product.

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