Grilled Crab Legs is such a treat in the summer, this foolproof recipe is so easy and works with king crab legs, Dungeness crab legs, and snow crab legs!

Grilled Crab Legs

Grilling Crab Legs is so easy – it’s my favorite method to cook them! There’s no looking for a big pot or making a mess in the kitchen. Just thaw the legs and heat them on the grill. Then crack them open and enjoy! Some of my other favorite ways to eat crab

I grilled red king crab legs recently for my family as a treat because they love them! But you can grill any type of crab leg. Golden King, Dungeness crab legs, and snow crab legs are two other good options. King crabs are probably the most popular type of crab as they are generally the largest and therefore, have the most meat. Snow crabs are similar to king crabs but have thinner legs. Dungeness crabs have the smallest legs of the three and are known for their very sweetmeat.


A quick way to thaw crab legs is to fill your sink with cold water and let them sit in the water for about 20 to 30 minutes. When thawed, rinse the legs well. You can also defrost overnight in the refrigerator, just be careful they don’t leak.


Grilling crab legs is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Spritz the legs with olive oil spray and place on a grill heated to medium-high.

Cover and cook for about seven minutes on each side until heated through.

While wearing a glove, use a sharp paring knife to cut slits along the side to pull out the meat easily.

Cooking crab legs on the grill is a fun way to get dinner on the table in the summer. Grilled crab meat goes great with just about any side. I love serving it with corn on the cobb. Some other serving suggestions are this Summer Tomato Salad, Lemon-Parsley Potato Foil Packets, or Macaroni Salad with Tomatoes.

They are expensive to buy but cheaper than ordering out so I rather just make them me. My family likes to eat crab legs with melted butter, but it’s totally optional. I melt a stick of butter on the stove over low heat while the crab legs are grilling and then squeeze the fresh lemon juice into the butter. You can also add some garlic and make garlic butter. And if you want to skip the butter altogether, fresh lemon squeezed over the crab is perfect.


4 lbs frozen king, snow or Dungeness crab legs, thawed and rinsed

olive oil spray

lemon wedges

melted butter, optional for dipping


Heat grill to medium-high.

Spritz crab legs all over with olive oil spray and place on a hot grill.

Cover and cook about 7 minutes on each side, or until the meat in the center is heated through.

Use a sharp paring knife (and a mitt or glove to handle) and cut slits along the side so it’s easy to pull the meat out.

Remove to plates and serve with lemon wedges and melted butter, if desired.


A quick way to thaw the legs before grilling, fill your sink with cold water, and let the legs sit in the water for about 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse well.

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