Repurposing & Transforming Diamonds From Dated To Modern

Take a moment right now to think about all of the jewelry you currently have, are there a couple of diamonds that you’re not really wearing. You keep telling yourself you’re just saving it for special occasions, but that special occasion never actually comes. You can’t bring yourself to sell it because it was given to you by a relative no longer with us, so you’re just stuck.

I’ve got some news for you, you don’t have to be!

What if you could breathe some new life into these long forgotten and probably outdated diamond pieces? Let’s explore a couple of ways that you may not have considered on how to repurpose and reimagine an outdated diamond without selling it or destroying it’s original beauty.


This one seems like the obvious choice, because what better way to remember a precious heirloom other than to put it on the only spot on your body where you wear jewelry that you can see. Most stones from earrings, necklaces, or even rings can be taken to a jeweler and redesigned, and reset, and repurposed into a new ring that better suits your aesthetic. The key to a successful repurposing into a ring however is to work with a jeweler that understands what you are looking for, as this will inevitably be a collaboration between the two of you on how best to maintain yet redesign the memories associated with the current piece.


Take that old ring that you never wear and turn it into a completely different category of jewelry. Most diamonds can be removed from their setting in a ring and reset into a pendant for a necklace or really any other category of jewelry. There is nothing stopping you from not just a slight reimagining into a new ring setting, but a complete overhaul on the presentation of the diamond. Even some antique cuts like the Rose, cushion, or old mine cut, can be made into beautiful and modern pendants for necklaces or bracelets.


Although a large diamond is certainly more expensive than a small one, when considering the idea of repurposing jewelry that is not always something you have to maintain. A large diamond can be used to make a few smaller pieces. While it may have been the style many moons ago to place diamonds in large oversized metal cuffs and broaches, a subtler more modern approach might be just the life that this old hand me down needs. Don’t be nervous to split your big diamond into smaller pieces, or even taken some smaller diamonds and repurpose them into one multi-diamond accessory.

Of course, the idea of melting down a ring to make a new one, or cutting up a sizeable diamond to make some earrings seems like a disrespectful thing to do to a family heirloom, but consider this… What is the better way to serve the memory, leaving the treasured heirloom in a locked jewelry box for all of time and never letting the sunshine refracted through those beautiful facets… OR finding a new way to enjoy the same timeless precious stone and continuing the life of a treasured family memory. I think the choice is easy.

We have the technology now to really get creative with our jewelry, in fact, diamonds are grown in labs now and fashioned into some of the most beautiful pieces out there. We can do so much with diamonds now-a-days, so what are you waiting for? Go dig up those memories and let those diamonds see the light of day, they’re dying for it!

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