5 Travel Guidelines for Planning a Stress-Free Vacation

Taking a vacation should be relaxing, and not a continual stream of stressful circumstances. Here’s a planning checklist to insure you leave all of your troubles back at home.

You booked that well-deserved getaway to leave the stresses of daily life, not change them in for other ones. As relaxing as going out of town may be, a few unplanned events can quickly turn your trip into an overwhelming situation. Utilize efficient travel payment tools such as prepaid travel cards and follow these tips to keep your vacation memorable and, most importantly, stress-free.

  1. Create a Collective Goal for your Trip

Traveling with others can become very stressful and tiring at times because everyone has a diverse set of ideas. What if your partner wants to go to the beach, and you wish to walk around and see the town? What if your friends view this trip to be a party weekend, and you have been looking forward to Jacuzzi and watching movies in your hotel bed? When managing your vacation with other people, discuss with your group to make a collective aim for the upcoming trip—are you going for relaxation, adventure, romance, or celebration?

  1. Reduce the Pressure

Ever felt the necessity of making a Friday night so fun that it ended up being the complete opposite? When you have a fixed amount of vacation days to use, on top of a busy work schedule, an upcoming trip can quickly become the only time you look forward to for months. Tons of pressure to make that trip perfect can end up backfiring on you. Just imagine it as a regular Monday night, which just so happens to be the highlight of your month. Usually, the best memories you have on vacation are those that unexpectedly come from an interesting conversation, a delicious meal, and the beautiful people around you.

  1. Make use of a Visa Prepaid Card

Ever presently, prepaid credit cards are becoming the favored method of payment for a customer that plans to travel overseas. This is because of its straight forward and uncomplicated application, whereby you may acquire your card of choice, load it with traveling and spending money, then use it just like any other card throughout your holidays.

The added benefits of using prepaid cards while you are traveling abroad are that they are as safe and secure as conventional cards while being more efficient to conceal and carry than cash. Concerning using credit and debit cards, a prepaid credit card that is misplaced or stolen only holds the possible risk equal to the value loaded onto the card and is not linked to any of your other accounts or credit facilities, reducing the chances of further loss. The distinct difference to using a prepaid card compared to cash is that if your card is lost or stolen, you may effortlessly contact the issuing card provider to block your card and all further transactions. Depending on your merchant, you may be able to acquire a replacement for your card in short order.

  1. Research your destination

It is and always will be a good idea to do as much research as you can about your destination: Consider everything from public transportation, serviced office booking, restaurant options, cab estimates, and visa requirements. The more you know before you leave the better.

The benefits of prepaid cards are ample and put you in full control of all your financial dealings during your vacation, making them the most protected and recommended solution for managing all your daily expenses on your trip.

  1. Travel light

We have all been guilty of over packing. Too much luggage makes the tedious struggles of travel much more challenging. Keep your clothing choices simple and only pack what you require—easier said than done, I know, but there are various things you can leave behind. Dry your hair and leave your blow-dryer at home. Don’t pack the heels you know you will never wear, and pack your comfortable slippers instead. Avoid baggage claim by placing everything you bring into your carry-on. We promise it is better to under-pack and be comfortable than to over pack and be exhausted.

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