Three Things You Thought You Knew About Harley Davidson That Aren’t True

Any big company is bound to have a few misstatements about it, whether on the internet or from word of mouth, and Harley Davidson, the iconic motorcycle legend, is no exception. This is even truer since the company inspires a high level of devotion from its biggest fans and a bit of grumbling from its detractors. Overall, though, after a few tough years, the company is still going strong, and contributes to the demand for motorcycle aftermarket parts for those who love to customize their machines.

Here are a few common inaccuracies about the biggest motorcycle company in America.

  1. All Harley’s Are Expensive. Just like any other brand, Harley Davidson sells a wide range of motorcycles, with “Custom” and touring bikes (typically the most expensive models) grabbing a big share of its sales. Yet, the company also sells a lot of sportsters and other models that have modest price tags. Just as importantly, discount Harley parts are available for those who love to modify their rides.
  2. Women Don’t Ride Harleys. While it’s true that Caucasian men over 35 have long been the most loyal buyers of the brand, sales for women, African-Americans and Hispanics have been increasing of late. Part of this is because of a conscious effort by the company, which has increased market share with these groups over the past five years. In fact, it sells more motorcycles to these groups than any other company.
  3. The Company Makes Most of Its Money From Accessories. The company does make a ton of money on T-shirts and other accessories, but motorcycle sales still make up the majority of its revenue. The popular brand also contributes greatly to the economy for those who want to replace parts or modify a machine with upgrades such as new tires. The best place to buy motorcycle tires has many options to strengthen a Harley.

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