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5 Fashion and Style Tips for Women over 45

Fashion options for women over 45 tend toward the vanilla. Thing is, most women don’t lose the desire to look chic and fabulous once they reach a certain age. Since trends are often skewed to younger sets, here are five tips to help guide to stay fashionable as you get better with age.

1. Take Extra Care

As you get older, the effortless look takes more… effort. Waking up with gorgeously rumpled bedhead will stop happening as your hair gets drier. Condition, condition, condition to keep your locks looking good. As for your skin, steer clear of foundation. It has a tendency to look pancake-y on older skin that is losing its moisture. Go nuts with the lotion. Same goes for the rest of your body, especially your knees and elbows!

2. Act Your Age

You aren’t 20 anymore, but you’re also not 80. While you’re staying away from the six-inch heels and minidresses of your youth, also avoid big hats that’ll age you 30 years and shapeless dresses that’ll look dowdy. Just because you’re not the hot new thing doesn’t mean you aren’t still hot.

3. Shoes

If you want to be flamboyant but all the clothes you used to do that with feel out of place now, go nuts with your shoes. Metallic pumps, sexy suede boots, beachy espadrilles will all go a long way toward keeping you looking stylish. Pair them with some killer denim or a tasteful dress to show off your calves and ankles.

4. Accessorize

Like shoes, other accessories are the perfect ways to keep you looking current and stylish. AND they’re relatively ageless, so you don’t have to keep getting rid of stuff you like. Hoop earrings, bangles, big statement necklaces and flashy scarves still make you look awesome regardless of that number everyone’s so worried about. That said, not EVERYTHING is timeless. The gold name necklace you got in New York is donzo. You made your husband get rid of his she’s eating for two I’m drinking for three shirt, so this is only fair.

5. Don’t Lose Yourself

Just because you’re not the same age you always were, doesn’t mean you have to change your entire look. You are the most stylish part of you. It’s not what you wear, so keep expressing yourself through your clothing. If that means ignoring every tip on this list and wearing pancake makeup and six-inch heels into your walker days, just do it. Or update your style to reflect your different position in life. Nothing is wrong as long as it’s genuine. We promise.

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