Colorful round badges make you stand out

Anyone who has been to school would be familiar with badges. Those colorful round badges that we used to wear were emblems of our Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, or Interact Clubs. they showed the world that we were part of a cause worth being proud of. And that is why colorful round badges make us stand out.

Reasons why colorful round badges make us stand out

Round badges are very popular in schools, sports clubs, police, and the military. They can be seen even among doctors and other persons of dignified stature. These colorful round badges make us stand out due to the following reasons.

  1. Symbolize a noble cause

If someone is wearing a round badge, then, you can be sure that he/she is a part of a noble cause or a distinguished organization. World-famous organizations like UNICEF, WWF, etc, have round badges to distinguish their members. Even federal organizations like the FBI use round badges. Most of the Scouts have round badges all over the world.   The Blue Cross and Red Cross too use round badges to designate its members. These round badges make these members stand out and show that they are part of a noble cause.

  1. An emblem of pride

A round badge is an emblem of pride for many. In many colleges, medals of distinction are given for top performers as round badges. Even the sorority and fraternity groups in many colleges use round badges to honor their members. Badges are given to military, police, fire, and security personnel to vindicate the dignity and authority of their profession. Such people are supposed to wear badges at all times. these round badges are an emblem of pride to most people in public service.

  1. A mark of distinction

When you achieve something, you wish to be rewarded. A round badge is a reward you get for your achievement. The Chairman Mao Badge was a round badge that was awarded to people for their eminent service to the Communist Party in the 1930-40s. These badges were a mark of distinction as not everyone had it.

Button badges became very popular during election campaigns in the U.S. They were given to the loyal supporters of the political parties.

Thus, round badges became a mark of distinction for many and still are.

  1. A sign of affiliation

Sports and games are all about fan following. The easiest way in which a club pleases a fan is by giving him a round badge of affiliation. This round badge now becomes the official sign of the fan’s affiliation to the sports club. Right from Aston Villa and Manchester City to Olympique Lyonnaise or PSG, many international football clubs offer round badges. A fan who gets this round badge is considered blessed by all other fans.

  1. A sign of patronage

Many consumer product companies offer round badges to their customers. These round badges reveal that the person wearing them patronizes that brand, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and 7-Up has released round badges. These round badges are an excellent method of brand promotion. They are instantly recognized by all and have instant recall.

  1. A cherished collectible

Some round badges have even become rare collectibles worth yearning for. Badges of the Soviet Union have become rare collectibles after the country disintegrated. Old Olympic Badges are also rare curios worth collecting. Even some children’s badges like Mickey Mouse or Rupert Bear badges have become are items worth cherishing.

Round badges have endless uses as they are a symbol of pride and privilege to all. Get your round badges made for your company in style from the right print provider.

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