Best hair removal methods for intimate areas

Whether to trim or mow the whole area down there is a personal choice. While some women prefer to keep hair growth at bay some visit a salon to have a ‘vagina waxing’. If you are too wondering which way you should go here are the best ways for pubic hair removal you can choose.

  1. Trimming

When it comes to managing unwanted hair growth in intimate areas trimming is the best way you can choose. All you need is a pair of scissors. With this method you won’t get rid of every last strand but it’s certainly better for those who don’t want complete hair removal. You can trim those unwanted hairs in the comfort of your home and keep the hair length how short you want. However, be careful of using the scissors too close to your skin as you may get cut in your delicate areas. The better way you do it by using a mirror while angling the scissors.

  1. Shaving

If you want a complete pubic hair removal and wish to do it on your own then razor is your device to go. It’s easier if you grab a razor in the shower and do the little neatening up or shave off the entire area. But you have to be extra careful while using a razor as you may get cut or razor burns, or have a risk of infection in your intimate area.

  1. Hair removal creams

This is among the easiest and painless method of unwanted hair removal. But beware of using your normal body hair removal cream for your intimate areas as well. Not all the depilatory creams are suitable for your delicate areas. So choose wisely, see the ingredients on the pack, and run a patch test to see if you have any allergy from these creams.

Once you are sure you have chosen the right and safer hair removal cream all you have to do is follow the instruction on the pack, apply the cream on the desired area, and clean it off within a specified time.

  1. Waxing

If you are ready to opt for hair removal in intimate areas vagina waxing is the best option for you. Whether you go for a bikini wax or want a Brazilian wax, waxing is super convenient as hair won’t go back for weeks. If you are used to doing waxing at home you can try bikini waxing by following useful tips and measures. However, if you are not confident enough getting it done in a salon by a professional is always better.

Hair removal in intimate areas is not done for any health reason but many choose it for comfort or maintain hygiene. Whichever method you choose for hair removal, make sure you are taking all the precautions to avoid ingrown hair, cuts and burns, and skin infection down there.

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