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The Stories Behind Two of the Most Iconic Designer Brand Logos

Brand logos are everywhere, and they are designed to create an identity for a brand and, of course, to make us want to the buy the products, but how much can a logo really say about a brand and does it really influence our buying decisions to any great extent?

If there is one industry that has maximised the power of the brand logo to its fullest extent, it’s the designer clothing industry. The logos of top fashion brands like Comme des Garcons Play, Stone Island, Canada Goose and Polo Ralph Lauren have not only become instantly recognisable, they have also become much sought after.

So, to understand the power of the designer brand logo, here’s a look into the history of two of the best-known clothing labels and some thoughts on why they represent the brand image so well.

Polo Ralph Lauren 

The logo of Ralph Lauren fits the style of clothing perfectly. For many people, the sport of polo represents elegance, style, and sporting achievement, and it is associated with the rich and famous. So, you might have thought that the polo rider logo that appears on most Polo Ralph Lauren designs is a very piece of clever marketing that was designed specifically for the brand. However, the truth is that the Polo Ralph Lauren logo was not designed by marketing agency, it was stumbled upon by Ralph Lauren when he was looking at fabric designs for a range of men’s neckties.

Fortunately for Ralph Lauren, the polo player logo has all the attributes that are said to make a good brand logo. It is simple, it can be used in many ways, it’s memorable, and it’s the perfect match for the image of the brand.

Stone Island

The Stone Island logo is another designer brand logo that fits the style of the clothing perfectly, but was, in fact, not designed by marketing experts, but the founder of the brand, Massimo Osti.

Massimo Osti was a keen sailor, and it was his interest in sailing that was behind the initial designs of his clothing range and of the now famous Stone Island Logo. The logo is very simple, but it infers a lot. The association with sailing makes you think of hard-wearing, waterproof clothing, which was exactly what the original Stone Island Tela Jacket was all about.

Today, the Stone Island logo appears on a full range of clothing, including T-shirts, caps, hooded jackets and shorts, but the logo remains instantly recognisable and the clothes have retained their unique, outdoors style.

The branding of designer clothes is essential to the image. It needs to convey quality and it needs to convey the essence of the brand. Stone Island and Ralph Lauren are not the only brands to have achieved this. The Canada Goose Arctic logo and the Comme des Garcons Play heart logo are two other prime examples of a logo matching the brand perfectly.

There have been plenty of brand logo fails too, but that’s for another post! When brands get it right, though, like Ralph Lauren and Stone Island, the logo becomes the very essence of what the brand stands for and then it becomes one of those iconic brands that we all want to buy.

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