5 Shirt Styling Tips for Women According to Different Occasions and Requirements

When it comes to western women dressing, there’re few things more essential than shirts. They’re one of those rarest dresses that you can wear on work, in home, on the roads or in a party. And thanks to their compatibility with this wide range of occasions and styles, they also come in a variety of different formats to suit your needs. There’re formal shirts for women, designer shirts and a whole lot of other options. However, combining the right type of shirt with your other outfits is an art. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about in this article. Here we’ll give you five great styling tips that you can follow to look your best in shirts. Let’s begin:

AND India - Shirts for Women

#1. At Work

Tuck a light-colored formal shirt into a high waist skirt of contrast color and finish the whole look with a belt. Slip in some pointed heals, and you will be perfectly ready for your office. This kind of combination is not just comfortable but also professional enough for workplace.

#2. Casually

White (or any other lite color) designer ladies shirts can be coupled very nicely with skinny jeans to make a perfect casual look. Combine them with high-heels and the look is complete.

AND India - Shirts for Women

#3. On Weekends

When on weekends, spice up your denim look with a plain shirt and heels. And if you combine them with a statement necklace or bandana, it’ll be super awesome.

#4. For A Sporty Look

Combine crisp button-down ladies shirts with a pair of leggings, sneakers and cap to create a sporty look effortlessly. Looking sporty can never be easier than this.

#5. For a Super-Simple Look

Rules are always made to be broken. In general you combine lite colored shirts with dark denims/trousers, but that’s not necessary. If you want to create a simple, no-nonsense look you can go with a shirt of same hue as the hue of your denims/trousers.

AND India - Shirts for Women


Whether you want a look simple or sophisticated, formal or casual; shirts for women are available to satisfy all your needs. And they’re available from a wide range of brands (i.e. Anita Dongre, Vero Moda etc.) so you can find them in all price segments and in all popular fashion stores around you. So without wasting any time get your favorite fashion shirts for women and fill your wardrobe with the essentials to look your best.


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