Bags: What a passion!

All women have a passion: those who love to buy shoes, those who love to buy clothes, those who love to buy underwear, but there is a passion that unites them all, that is, the love for the bags. Buying a bag means purchasing one of the most important accessories to always have a perfect outfit: it must be combined to the colour, size, shape and all women have at least 5 or 6 bags to change as needed.

Each year, fashion proposes new models of bags, new colours: floral, solid colour, small, large, with or without shoulder strap.

What are the fashion proposals of this season? This is the year of excesses: very large or very small bags, bright colors like pink, yellow and orange, with rhinestones, studs and sequins.

The bag is an accessory that, in addition to being beautiful, must also be comfortable and suitable to the circumstances: for an elegant evening or a country trip, clearly the appropriate bag will be different. One of the most important things to consider when we buy a new bag is the quality of fabrics and finishes: the zips must be durable, the handles must be firmly sewn and the material they are made must have good resistance.

A fabric that is always fashionable despite the passing of years is the leather: the leather bags are timeless and beautiful as well as being comfortable and elegant. Serien°umerica produces beautiful leather handbags, all handmade by expert craftsmen and can boast the excellence of the real Made in Italy, particularly important when it comes to clothing, shoes and bags. Serien°umerica leather bags are designed on the body to become extra-large pockets, and its strength is the choice of high quality materials. The used leather is hand crafted to offer you a unique product, a genuine luxury bag.

Choose the best, choose Serien°umerica!

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