Current Unisex Culture

What planet earth is witnessing today is a seismic shift in fashion as well as traditional thoughts towards marriage and gender. There’s a widening acceptance of a style that knows no boundaries, yet one which reflects on ways that not only the youth of today want to dress.

The unisex culture of the 21st century is a concept that chimes with the thinking of modern day designers who showcase gender-free shows featuring models adorned in gender-concealing masks.

Some collections comprising gender-neutral streetwear are instinctively created to be worn by both genders and are striking a cord that is in tune with the times. Millennials are challenging the traditional perception of sexual orientation.

Today, the lines between male and female are increasingly becoming blurred. Loosely fitting trousers, easy shirts and swagger coats are items millennials are wearing and come in various sizes to both ladies and gents.

More and more fashion houses are capitalizing on fashion’s gender blur and are slowly eroding the demarcation between traditionally masculine and feminine clothes. Today’s trend derives a lot of its impetus from the late ’60s and early ’70s, fashion’s fixation.

Today’s younger consumers (the ones in their thrall) continue to resurrect moments where unisex was the providence of rock royalty graced by legends such as; David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix.

Gender-fluid fashion was only but a whisper five years ago, today, however, the trend is gaining traction and is widely accepted by mass audiences across the globe.

Out With Conventional Gender Labels

Trendwatchers today describe a cohort that bridles at being boxed in. A group that’s quickly shrugging off traditional gender labels and rigid classifiers in general.

The millennials are drawn towards brands. However, they remain skeptical of prepackaged and branding looks. Gender-neutrality is today a boon for designers, and they are saving both time and money as they hone an identity.

They are cashing in on the fact that the modern consumer wants to be part of the picture, part of a movement and continue to speak to a sympathetic public. Moreover, there’s a rise in the receptivity of topics that were once deemed off limits.

Many celebrity figures are pushing forward transgender roles and audiences are responding. People like Caitlyn Jenner and Mort who came out to his children as Maura in the hit series “Transparent” are bringing prejudicial walls down.

The Rise and Rise of Unisex Baby Names

High cultural trends, marriage equality, and transgender recognition are factors that had led to the surge in the rise of unisex baby names. Baby names defying gender categories are on the rise for both boys and girls.

Statistics show that 60 percent more kids are getting gender-neutral names in the 2010s as was the case in the 2000s. Boys are getting the post-gender names more often as are baby girls.

Findings also show that we are moving towards a greater gender-neutral baby names acceptance as more boys are getting these names more than baby girls. In 2015, 54 percent of boys got more gender-neutral names than the 48 percent registered in 2005.


Unisex culture in the 21st century is becoming the norm. All across the planet the youth are embracing gender fluidity and eliminating traditional set roles and dressing. We can only predict a future where dressing and roles will not be subjected to gender lines!.

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