How To Avoid Common Issues Of Wearing Bra

A bra is an important and supportive undergarment a woman cannot do without. Without a bra you may not look as good as you should because your boobs will be sagging. Supporting your figure is paramount but sometimes, there are issues that may arise when wearing Triumph Doreen bra. The two main problems are visible bra lines and strap lines on the shoulders. This guide provides the solutions to these bra issues.

How to conceal visible bra lines

Like the panty lines, visible edges of the cups are annoying but you can avoid them in the following ways.

  • Layering

This is the easiest solution to prevent the cup lines from showing through your top. Put on a jacket or sweater to cover yourself up and hide the bra line.

  • Accessorize

Find a big accessory such as a draping scarf to cover the front part of your top. you will get enough coverage so that you don’t have to keep worrying about the visible lines.

  • Don’t wear a bra

You are free to choose whether to have a bra or not. This can be a better option for a young lady with smaller boobs but a huge figure cannot have this option.

  • Wear tight undergarment below your top

Rather that wearing a typical bra, you can choose a tight camisole or bandeau to support your breasts and no one will see the bra lines.

  • Opt for textured t-shirts

Textures are great at hiding what is beneath. Consider interesting textures such as rib knits- they will conceal those unsightly edges of the bra. The good thing about this method is that you will not give up on wearing a bra.

  • Choose strapless and clear straps

The straps are very good at forming bra lines and if you can find a way to eliminate them, the better.

  • Wear loose tops

A loose-fitting t-shirt will make the bra lines go unnoticed.

  • Wear t-shirt bras

T-shirt bras are ideal for plus-size body figures and they also give good shape.

How to eliminate dark strap lines caused by bra straps

  • Skin exfoliation

You should exfoliate the affected area everyday to get rid of dead skin cells and allow rejuvenation of new cells.

  • Sunscreen application

Since the sun causes darkening of the skin, protect yourself with sunscreen lotion.

  • Fade cream

The dark lines can disappear if you smear a fade cream on them

If your bra doesn’t fit well or if it’s too tight, it can cause eyesore strap lines which can make you uncomfortable in your own skin. The problem with the straps is that they dig into the skin and cause pressure on your shoulder and back muscles. That is why you should consult a professional before picking a Doreen bra to know your exact fit. In case the lines appear on your skin, use the above remedies.

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