Learn These Do’s And Don’ts Before Purchasing A Gold Jewellery

Gold is one of the most precious jewellery materials. Men and women both are fond of purchasing gold jewellery. A jewellery is a one-time purchase. To some people it is a sort of investment or the way to meet contingencies. Gold jewellery is expensive in nature, and so you need to learn about its each and every aspect of making a purchase.

Always check for the purity of gold

Just like how you check the purity of diamond when buying diamond bangles, you should check about the purity of gold jewellery. The quickest and easiest method to learn how pure the gold is in any jewellery is to look for its hallmark sign. A hallmarked gold bangle piece tells you how the actual proportion of the gold is contained in the jewellery. BIS is an accreditation agency that hallmarks and certifies gold jewellery.

Do a comparison of the prices:

Gold price depends on the purity of gold. Its price generally changes daily depending on the prevalent gold rate on the market. All major jewellery stores showcases the daily gold rates for people. Bigger jewellery stores showcases bullion price openly, the smaller gold jewellery stores don’t. So, you need to always check gold prices prior to visiting the store.

Doing a negotiation of making charges

Carving intricate design on the gold jewellery like gold bangles online require labour cost and jewellers charges this cost in the way of making charges. This charge is calculated to be a percentage of the existing price of gold.

Thus, depending on the cost of the gold, the money you pay as “making charge” on any form of gold jewellery varies considerably. If you are purchasing bangles in bulk, then you can also be charged fixed making charges on it.

Don’t go for stone studded jewellery:

There are three reasons why you should not purchase jewellery that is studded with semi-precious or precious stones. Firstly, to examine the purity of the stones that are studded into the gold piece is difficult. Secondly, you need to ask about the breakup of the weight of gold and stones separately.

Not learning about the accurate weight of gold can make you feel cheated.  Lastly, jewellery like gold bangles that comes studded with stones needs intricate gold bangles designs and patterns. So, you may need to pay more in the form of “making charges.”

Don’t sell your jewellery to other jewellers

At times of emergency or buying a new design, you may think of selling your old outdated jewellery piece. Before planning to sell, one should know about its resale value. Most of the jewellers take their own designed piece and give you the best price for it.

This price is more than what other jewellers can offer you. So, go to the same store from where you had purchased the jewellery. You will only be paid for the gold price and not for its making charges and other type of costs attached to it.


Lack of research can result in an inefficient and regretful purchase. These pros and cons will help you in making an intelligent purchase.

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