Impact of different flowers on different emotions

In life, there are bound to be ups and downs. When a challenging situation arises, you may have to work twice as hard as you normally would. In the end, you will be stressed out and wasted. Everybody today is looking for ways to reduce their stress levels and boost their mood.

It might surprise you to know that nature offers a way for you to improve your emotional health. Being around flowers all day can lighten your mood and make you feel good. A study that was carried out it the University of New Jersey shows that flowers have a very strong and positive effect on our moods. Below are some findings of the study.

  • Flowers can have a positive effect on our mood for an extended period. The test subject in a study initially felt anxious and depressed; however, the test subject experienced a sense of satisfaction and peace after being exposed to a lot of beautiful flowers.
  • Flowers create connections: Flowers plays a very important role in building a bond between two people or strengthening the bond between family members and friends.
  • Flowers have a strong impact on happiness: The test subject in the study earlier mentioned became very happy and excited after being given a wonderful bouquet of flowers.

Presently, a lot of people know that flowers play a very important role in uplifting a person’s mood and ultimately making them happy. A new study had also shown that when a flower displayed in the spacious area in a home, guest and visitors are affected in that they feel more at ease and welcomed.

Reports from one color expert from (PCI) show that our response to colors is on the emotional level. The report went along to describe flowers as a catalyst that helps in stimulating our senses, especially our senses of smell and sight.

When flowers are arranged wonderfully, it can uplift our moods without saying a single word.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some flowers and how they affect us emotionally.


The flowers that can be used in creating a caring sensation are as follows;

  • Pale green carnations
  • Yellow freesia
  • Lavender
  • Apricot roses
  • Viburnum
  • Chartreuse
  • Heather

When these flowers are properly arranged, they can be used to create a soft, tender and caring sensation. The reason why these flowers can stir up our emotions is that of their colors, which are white, yellow, warm pinks and subtle greens. These colors create a sense of safety and love.

If your friend or a loved one is sick, you can use these flowers. But, if you want the flowers to command a greater effect, then you have to take your time to arrange it wonderfully. If it happens to be that you don’t know how to arrange flowers, then the best options will be to go to a flower shop


Flowers can also be used to stir up the romance. Below are some flowers that are associated with romance.

Blush tulips

Asparagus plumosa

Champagne spray roses

Deep lavender roses

Pale pink roses

Grape hyacinth muscari

Lavender stock


Pale pink lavender

These flowers can make be used to stir up that sense of intimacy and comfort. The reason why these flowers could do this is due to its colors, and because of this, they are excellent choices especially if you need bulk wedding flowers for events like an after party and so on.

In order to stir up the emotion of the person you wish to give these flowers to, you have to give extra attention to its arrangement. It has been said time and again that the way a flower is arranged determines to a large extent if it will command its desired effect.

Presently, there are a lot of places that you can get inspiration when it comes to arranging flowers. For starters, you can choose to go online, or you can pick up a flower magazine and see the newest flower arrangement design. Visiting the local flower shop in your area could be a good idea when you are in need of inspiration.


Certain flowers can be used to portray sophistication, seduction, and passion. Below are some flowers that could be used in this regard.

Asiatic lilies

Orbiting lily grass

Burnt orange

Hypericum berries


Magenta phlox

Variegated pittosporum

What makes these flowers able to stir up emotion is because of its colors, which are purple, red and pink. When these colors are properly arranged, a beautiful and elegant bouquet is the end product.

These flowers are perfect for evening parties and dinner party.


The way a flower is arranged can be used to stir up a relaxed atmosphere and serenity. Below are some flowers that can be used to stir up that sense of calmness;

  • Lavender lisianthus
  • Light blue delphinium
  • Seeded eucalyptus
  • Light blue hydrangea

If you have a friend or a family member that is always working and usually ends up stressed out and wasted, you can choose a flower from the ones listed above.

Again, if you want to maximize the effect from these flowers, then you should put them in an inspiring vase.

Flowers play a very important part of our lives, knowing the type of flower that can stir a particular emotion can help you improve your mood and those of your friends and family.

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