Buddy Bench A Modern Day Solution Of Many Problems In Schools

In a present-day report, 49% of youngsters between the fourth and twelfth grade confessed to being bullied sooner or later amid their school vocation. Bullying adds to the already hard childhood years of school and makes it even more intolerable and lonely for children. And, to tackle this whole problem in our schools and playgrounds, the idea of a buddy bench came into existence. Also known as a “friendship bench”, a buddy bench is put at a calculated place in playgrounds and schoolyards to encourage understanding and friendship.

In its looks, a friendship bench does not look much different when compared to an ordinary bench, apart from sometimes being painted in fun and bright colors. Contingent upon the bench, often there is a sign or a plaque assigning that particular seat as a friendship bench.

Amid school hours, if a child feels left out, needs a friend to play with or simply talk to, they sit on the buddy bench. This will then act as a signal to their peers that the kid sitting on the bench needs some company. The other kids will then sit with the lonely child on the bench, or invite the kid to play with them during recess.

While it might appear to be a straightforward idea, in reality, it is changing lives around the country. Do you think a buddy bench could profit the kids at your school? Here are 3 reasons as to why you need to consider getting one of these groundbreaking benches.

It Teaches Empathy

The buddy bench does not exclusively profit the desolate kid. It likewise instructs sympathy to other people, thus profiting the whole school. On the off chance that a youngster sees one of their friends sitting on the bench, they are allowed the chance to act. They help their classmate feel loved and needed and this act of helping a friend in need builds up their empathy. Additional benefits include developing social skills, leadership aptitudes and have a general sense of compassion to the people around them.

Emotional Processing

For a kid, it may very well be incredibly hard to ask for assistance when it’s required the most. Regardless of whether they’re battling with a specific issue or just need comfort in times of dire need, the friendship bench instructs kids that it’s alright to connect when times get unpleasant.

The solid ways of dealing with stress that is educated by the buddy bench are significant. It’s an unpretentious update that there are a lot of beneficial procedures accessible to enable youngsters to manage their issues, regardless of what they may be.

Uniting a School
Another great motivation to introduce a friendship bench is on the grounds that it joins the school in one shared objective — to guarantee that every child has the help they need. Once introduced, the idea of the friendship bench is conveyed to the children. Before long, there is less dispute both inside the classroom and out in the play area.

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