How Social Media is Influencing Purchase Decisions

Social media started at first as a way for people to share photos or them, their families or of places they visited. The purpose was for people to connect in easier ways. Nowadays, social media has become a great and important factor in many fields. It is a key component of a wide number of organizations that use it as a marketing strategy. According to recent studies, roughly 75% of people make decisions regarding the items they purchase by consulting with what information and reviews they find about the product on social media. The influence of social media regarding people’s decision when purchasing an item has risen in popularity because of numerous reasons. Read on to find out how social media is influencing purchase decisions for us:

Social influencers and their reviews

These social influencers are the people who hold a large number of followers that watch what they post on their accounts every day. There is no surprise that large and famous businesses contact these people and they form partnerships. This is popular, but not always necessary for influencers to promote different products to their audience.

Some examples of this could be that an influencer buys a new item and then posts on his social media accounts how satisfied and pleased he/she is that he/she has bought that specific product. Consequently, this starts a chain reaction and people who see the post start to research and eventually buy the product- leading to an increase in sells.

Aside from influencers, celebrities might post the same things and this has even a bigger impact on skyrocketing sales. For example, Gigi Hadid Instagram has one of the highest number of followers and she is well known for promoting brands on her social media accounts.

The businesses present on social media

Talking about influencers that promote a business’s merchandise, you need to take into account that the said business should have some sort of credibility. Influencers and famous people could promote it for days, but most people will hesitate to purchase something if further research cannot be made. One good way of promoting credibility is for your business to have its own Social Media accounts and they should do promoting there on their own.

A tip when it comes to having a social media account as a business is to constantly post your products as they are being used by people and also have a direct review page on your profile where people can tell their opinions on your product.

It is clear that the 21st century opened new ways for businesses to promote the selling of their products. Using social media today increases a business’s sales by a significant number and it helps keep the business going for a long time. People find it easier these days to start up a business because how easy it is to promote via Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. There are even a number of Instagram tools that you can use to promote your business if indeed you are using this platform in promoting your business.

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