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Mixbook Photo Books – Make Your Special Day Last

Whether you’ve had the most unforgettable journey to another country, celebrated a birthday of a special person whose highlights you don’t want to forget, crowned your love with your better half with a marriage to remember for a lifetime, no matter the occasion, no matter the circumstances, Mixbook is here for you! All these, and many, many other occasions are the reason why you should make a photo book with us. Keep your special memories alive! With mixbook, you can relive your favorite moments every day.

Over 400 different themes are available to you for multiple occasions. Everything from:

  • birthdays,
  • travels,
  • family picnics, and
  • everyday life is at your disposal.

Every single theme has a choice of being displayed in :

  • Square,
  • Landscape, or
  • Portrait mode

This is just one of many reasons why our various choice of themes gives a possibility to make a photo book about virtually anything you wish.

As everything else, size varies, as well. Literally, everything from pocket-sized 6×6″ mini photo books to coffee table 14×11″ landscapes are available to you. This is just another proof that you can use Mixbooks’ Photo Books for literally any occasion. You can choose to have a premade custom photo book which can save a lot of time, or you can decide to create your own photo book and give yourself a chance to be creative.

When it comes to photo book covers, just like with everything else, you get a wide variety of choice. Each one holding its own qualities, there are:

  • Softcover,
  • Glossy,
  • Matte and
  • Leather book cover.

Each of these books covers share similar qualities, such as being:

  • stylish,
  • durable and
  • flexible

They all provide you with a fancy, quality cover to show the pictures inside them to your friends and loved ones.

Of course, the difference of paper makes the difference. There are:

  • Semi-Gloss, a sophisticated paper best used for family albums and trips, then there is
  • Pearl Finish, great for special occasions and gifts, and last but not least, we offer you the
  • Premium Lay Flat, an ultra thick premium layer with the extra matte finish, perfect for wedding album books, same as family and seasonal photo books.

The choice is totally up to you. You can customize the position and angle of the photos as much as you want, you can edit, put or remove any text you wish and you can add, move, or remove any backgrounds, or stickers. You can even upload your own! How fun is that?!

There are always some special discounts for our beloved customers, which is just another way how we show you how much we really care.

Our most popular themes are

  • Family,
  • Wedding and
  • Travelling photo books, together containing almost 200 different photo book themes, all for you to pick.

If you, however, are not happy with one of the available themes, there is always an opportunity to design your own, custom photo book, however, you want.

All of this, and many more possibilities to make your special day unforgettable can be made possible if you decide to use one of Mixbooks provides special offers. Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate your big day!

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