Improve your image by getting it right with your shoes

As the adage goes, you can tell much about a person by the shoes they wear. As the shoes you wear speak volume about you, it is time you added life to the shoes you have on your rack. You can effectively create a new image by just making a few changes not only to the condition of your shoes but also in how you wear them as well.

When it comes to shoes, it pays to start with the basics. This means that you will have all bases covered at the end of the day. The first step to having good shoes, is by ensuring you buy only quality shoes. The shoes should not have frayed shoe laces or loose stitching. Even if your shoes are not highly priced, quality should be one feature you should never compromise.

Use your shoes in the right way

Match the shoes to the right occasion. Ensure you have in your wardrobe at least enough shoes that allow you to cover all occasions. Everyday shoes should be durable and of course suitable for daily use. Matching the shoes to the occasion helps build your image better. It also allows you to use the shoes the right ways.

For example, dress shoes are for more formal occasions and may wear out from frequent use. Without saying, ensure you have sports shoes that will come in handy during workouts or such extreme activities. Ensure the shoelaces you have for your shoes also match the shoes in terms of color. For formal shoes, the no tie laces should blend well and not stand out because of wrong color choice.

Take good care of your shoes

Taking care of your shoes will see them last longer. Shoe care entails keeping shoes clean at all times. Remove mud and other dirt before storing your shoes. In addition, ensure you polish leather shoes as this helps to protect them better. In addition, you should ensure to alternate the shoes you wear. Have an extra pair or two for shoes that you wear most times.

Good shoe care should allow you to get best service from your shoes. They will always look their best, as you will reduce incidences of cracked leather or unevenly worn out soles. The other part of the shoes you should never overlook are the shoe laces. You can have good quality shoes that look shoddy because of ragged laces.

Match your shoes to overall wardrobe

The shoes that do not match with the outfits you wear will not help with the image you are going for.  Shoes should effectively bring out the outfit you are wearing best. they should contribute to the overall look you are going for. You can have beautiful shoes but if they do not suit the outfit you are wearing, you will not look smart.

For a well put together look, ensure you have it right when it comes to color and style. For a good look always, stick to fashionable items that do not run out of style. The shoelaces you choose for your shoes should also match with the overall look of the outfit.

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