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6 Ways You Might Be Destroying Your Workout Attire Without Knowing It

Our workout clothes usually get mishandled when exercising. The attires are prone to being mishandled when working out, getting scratched when running through wooded trails and being covered in sweat. Workout clothes for tall men are the ones which get the least amount of care when not worn.

We often assume that just because they are gym clothes, they are supposed to be tough. Well, this is partially true, but that does not mean that they are always long lasting. The fabric in your workout clothes is made from high tech materials making them fragile. You should take care of them so that they will serve you longer. Avoid the following mistakes on your workout clothes, and they will serve you for a long time.

  • Using strong detergents

Detergents and especially fabric softeners will mostly weaken the fabrics which make your work out gear to be stretchy and firm. When washing gym clothes don’t add any extra soap and also avoid using fabric softeners on them.

  • Forgetting your gym clothes in the bag

When you work out in the gym, you will sweat a lot. When you remove those sweaty clothes and leave them in your gym bag, they will end up creating bacteria’s in your clothes and bag. They will make your gym bag to have a gross smell. Once you remove the clothes from the gym bag hang them outside for airing if you won’t wash them immediately.

  • Washing everything together

You might find yourself wearing your work out gear when doing other activities. When it comes to washing your exercising clothes, you should not mix them with the rest of the clothes. If you happen to mix them, then the soft fabrics will end up becoming weak because they are rubbing with other harsh clothes like jeans and clothes which have buttons and zippers.

  • Using a machine to dry your clothes

When you use a hot dryer on your leggings, they will end up getting warped or shrink. If you must put your work out gear in the drying machine, then choose a low setting mode. Separate your regular clothes from your gym clothes, and this is because when you mix them they will end up staying in the machine for longer than required. The high heat will make the clothes to wear out and lose their high tech properties.

  • Hanging your gym clothes

Nobody wants to have hanger marks imprinted on their gym clothes. Exercising garments are made from stretchy fabrics hence they are more prone to get stretched when hung. Instead, you should fold your clothes nicely and put them in your wardrobe.

  • Not getting rid of the sweat odor

After working out, you should soak your clothes in water and vinegar to remove that sweaty odor. If you don’t have vinegar, you can use baking soda or lemon to neutralize the smell.

Gym clothes should be well-taken care of. You should incorporate these habits, and the lifespan of all your gym clothes will be extended giving you maximum service.

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