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How to Choose the Right Makeup for Your Skin

When you go to a beauty store, you will be spoilt of choices. The thing is, you might even end up buying makeup products that you had not planned to (which is still okay). You, however, need to understand that purchasing the right makeup is key to looking perfect when you wear it. It is therefore essential to be specific and watchful when getting the products.

You do not have to go all in if you are a beginner. That means that you do not need to have the highlighters, contour sticks and so on. To become great at this job starts with the basics. Below are tips that will help you choose the right makeup.

  1. Choose your foundation according to your skin type

This must be new to you, right?  True to the point, the kind of foundation you use should be based on your skin type. Before you head to the beauty shop, you need to first come to terms with what your skin type is. Is it oily, dry or normal? If you have that information, you should now be ready to shop for a foundation that will best work with your skin. For the folks with oily skin, you are lucky because any foundation will work for you. For the ladies with oily skin, powder foundation would work best and the ones with dry skin, tinted moisturizers would make the perfect match.

  1. Use testers to know your shade

Choosing a shade for your foundation needs to be practical to get it right. Beauty stores always have testers in the display to help you pick a shade that will go well with your skin. It is, therefore, the time you stop ignoring them and put them to the test. Unless you have been in the makeup scene and you can single out your shade by just a glance, you have to try it out.

The back of your arm would be the perfect place to test on as the shade is almost similar to that of your face. Most are the times that you will be torn between two shades; it is always safe to go for the lighter one.

  1. Choose your eyeliner

Does one get to choose this too? Well, yes you have to. Most people tend to think they are universal. Well, they are, but different types of eyeliners will bring out different results. For instance, powder eyeliner will always give that finished look. More so, you will have more control over the shape of the line.

If you are more into the dramatic look, liquid eyeliner is the perfect guy for the job!

Blush is yet another makeup essential, which also needs keen attention. While selecting blush, you need first to know the tone of your skin. Is it pale, medium or dark? This is because peaches and light pinks go well with pale skin. On the other hand, darker peach shades and rosy pinks are for the medium skin whereas dark skin goes perfectly well with deep oranges. For a more finished look, you can also get perfect permanent eyebrows with B-Lashes.

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