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How to Take Care of Your Leather Belt So it can Last Longer

More men are discovering that leather belts are a fashion statement. Not only are they stylish and pleasant-smelling, but they are also the best quality materials you can get for a belt. A leather belt has many benefits, including durability and timelessness. As much as a leather belt may not come cheap, you can rest in the fact that you will buy something that will stay fashionable for long. Additionally, the leather fabric is breathable, which means it allows proper air circulation within it, increasing its moisture management capability.

The most common colors of leather belts you can use for formal wear are; black, brown, and men’s gray leather belt. Ultimately, you want to make your belt last for a long time. That will come with some hands-on care on your side. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Below are some ways you can take care of your leather belt.

  1. Choose the correct belt size

Always try on a belt or at least measure it before purchasing. A belt which is too short and too tight is not good for your health. You will also have to exert a lot of pressure on it so that it can fit, which will increase its rate of wear and tear.

  1. Have at least two belts

We all know that the more frequently you put on something, the faster it degrades. Invest in at least two leather belts so that you can alternate them especially when you have just cleaned one of your belts.

  1. Invest in a belt hanger

Rolling up your leather belt is the surest way to make your leather depreciate as fast as possible. A belt hanger is the best way to store your belts. You can find your belts more easily when you get them organized on a hanger.

  1. Clean it delicately and never using a washing machine

You will know when your leather belt gets dirty and needs some cleaning. Keeping it clean will make it last longer. Do not, however, throw it in the washing machine with the rest of the clothes. Brush it softly with a soft-bristled brush and some liquid soap. Another way to make the belt last longer is to apply leather conditioner regularly.  Conditioner protects against moisture, which can quickly ruin your belt. A small amount applied on both sides of the belt will keep it shining and in good condition.

  1. Do not hang it out on the sun

Do not expose your belt out in the direct sun. The heat from the sun and other sources will end up discoloring, drying, and hardening your leather belt. Air drying it should be enough.

A leather belt is an investment that every man needs to have. It is the epitome of style, flexibility, and comfort. How you take care of your belt will determine its lifespan. Avoid contact with extremely hot temperatures and keep it from any form of moisture.

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