Watch Market in China is booming

     As per the Bain and Co. 2010 Luxury Market Survey, Chinese household extravagance utilization of more than 200 worldwide top of the line brands totaled 68 billion yuan (US$10.2 million) in 2009, with a large portion of that spending inside the mid-value extend (25,000-50,000 yuan, or US$3,857-7,714). However, not the majority of that cash went to quick autos and conspicuous clothing.

Of the billions spent by Chinese shoppers in 2009, a Research in China contemplate found that US$2.2 billion went towards extravagance watches, a standout amongst the most prominent early buys of the recently well off. Curiously, Bain recognized just five brands — Cartier, Longines, Omega, Rolex and Tudor — as representing generally 50% of all watch deals in China in that most recent two years.

In the wake of the worldwide monetary emergency, it was Chinese shoppers that helped keep numerous real Swiss watchmakers above water. As the New York Times composed a year ago, the expanding significance of the China market for these Swiss brands is plainly noticeable in the constrained version lines and China-centered plans they’re making to tap the nation’s spending power.

In any case, these patterns cut both routes; as the New York Times recommended, the arrival of exemplary, ultrathin outlines is as a lot of a response to less fatty monetary circumstances as it is to the tastes of terrain Chinese buyers.

It’s been entrenched that China is especially enamored with the extravagance watch. In any case, would could it be that interests to Chinese purchasers?


Guests to the current year’s Geneva Watch Fair (SIHH) and Basel World — two of the most essential occasions in the worldwide watch industry — will have without a doubt saw that huge numbers of the world’s best watchmakers are substantial on retro outlines this year. As Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver (as of late met by Jing Daily at the Prestige Brands Forum) disclosed to Chinese Business, it’s no mischance that retro plans are currently so pervasive, as Swiss watchmakers made these lines in an unmistakable endeavor to target Chinese shoppers.

As affluent Chinese still incline toward more preservationist outlines, in contrast with their Western partners, real watchmakers have been pushing less complex plans with extensive dials.

In an ongoing meeting, Christopher Babin, CEO of TAG Heuer as of late reverberated Biver’s perceptions, noticing that Chinese shoppers incline toward basic and rich watches, and truth be told, TAG’s top of the line accumulation in China is its more retro Carrera arrangement.

Diamonds and Gold

Be that as it may, effortlessness and style aren’t sufficient for some Chinese buyers. Numerous need more glimmer, and watchmakers have rushed to react. As Omega Greater China president Lu Keqin said in an ongoing meeting, at an early stage in Omega’s China activities, just a couple of models were precious stone studded, yet the organization has included various new jewel models in light of their colossal prevalence in China. As indicated by a Cartier organization representative, Cartier’s three smash hit watch arrangement in China all component rose gold and jewel choices.

Evidently, to truly sparkle in the Chinese watch market, your watches need to shimmer, in a way that might be considered pointless excess in more develop watch markets like Europe or the United States.


One result of China’s undeniably appealing (yet progressively swarmed) extravagance watch market is the passageway of brands not customarily known for their watch making family. Because of buyer fixation in China with Western form marks, the watch portions of extravagance brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Dior confront less obstacles in China than they may in different markets. While genuine watch fans may turn up their noses at a Louis Vuitton timepiece and choose an equivalently valued model by a brand that really has some expertise in timepieces, the LV name is sufficient to persuade numerous Chinese buyers.

Normally, such as everything in the China extravagance market, tastes will change and brands will adjust. At the present time, however, with China still in an early — yet fantastically free-spending — organize, retro/exemplary styling, a great choice of models equipped in gold and jewels, and hybrid interest are three essential draws. However, as the market develops, and buyers turn out to be all the more observing, search for the Chinese to keep driving the Western brands this time around, instead of the other way around.

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